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FêteFone: The Fun Wedding Guestbook Alternative You’ve Always Wanted!

It’s your wedding day and every detail has to be perfect! You found the perfect dress, a beautiful venue and the decor is elegant yet chic… but what about your guestbook? Yes, even your guestbook should leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you’re looking for more than just a collection of signatures or hand written messages, many of which will be hard to read, we have the guestbook alternative that you have been looking for! Insert FêeFone, a unique twist on the traditional guestbook that’s easy, inventive and fun! FêeFone, allows your guests to record messages for the happy couple using a stylish, vintage telephone instead of pen and paper. Guests lift the handset, hear a greeting you pre-record, and share their wishes after the tone. After the celebration, you’ll receive a digital download of your guests’ messages that will warm your heart, make you laugh, and help bring cherished memories to life for years to come. Best of all, there are more than 25 different styles of phones that can fit any wedding decor concept or venue.


  1. Select Your Style:

Visit to select from over 25 different phone styles to best fit your wedding decor and place your rental order online.

  1. Delivery:

The phone ships for free anywhere in the continental United States and arrives at least two days before your wedding date.

  1. Set It Up:

When your package arrives, you’ll find that the enclosed telephone is accompanied by a discreet hub that handles the recording of the messages and makes FêeFone entirely self-contained (requiring no telephone line, cell phone connection, internet, wifi, or finicky smartphone apps). Just plug the phone into the hub, and plug the hub into a standard power outlet or extension cord. Then, pick up the handset and follow the voice prompts or the included step-by-step instructions to pre-record an outgoing message that will play to your guests before they leave their messages. It’s as simple as setting up the voicemail on your office or cell phone.

  1. Make Memories:

At your wedding or event, guests lift the receiver, hear the greeting you’ve pre-recorded, and share their messages after the tone. FêeFone is designed to accommodate at least 16+ hours of recording time, more than enough for even the most talkative guests.

  1. Return with Ease:

A pre-paid shipping label is included with every order. Within two business days after your event, just place the phone and the hub back in the box and give it back to the shipping carrier.

  1. Reminisce:

When your returned phone arrives, the FêeFone team will process all of your guests’ messages through filters to reduce background noise and even adjust the recording volume, helping them sound their best. Within a few days,  you will get a link to all of your guests’ recordings, which you can listen to on nearly any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Want a FêeFone for your wedding, bridal shower or engagement party? Prices range from $199 to $449, depending on the style of phone selected, and includes the rental of the phone and hub, round-trip shipping anywhere in the continental United States, and the processing and assembly of your recordings after your celebration. Your friends and family will love leaving you voice messages, and you’ll love being able to listen to them after your event and for years to come! 

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