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Road to Mrs.: Gabrielle Joffie & Her Bridal Squad Take Over Cancun

Cancun has a special place in my heart because that is where my fiancé proposed to me a few years ago. My bridesmaids planned everything originally for the Dominican Republic, but we quickly had to switch resorts after the travel warning was issued. So, Cancun was our destination.

My amazing bridal squad and I took over Cancun! If you tuned in to Black Bride’s Insta-Stories last month, I shared in real-time some of our festivities. If not, no worries, I have the full recap below.

We stayed at the gorgeous Moon Palace Cancun. I love the Moon Palace properties, I visited there their Jamaica location in August for my dad’s 60th birthday, so when I found out that we were going to their Cancun location, I was so excited. Moon Palace Cancun has three properties that are relatively close to one another; you can take their shuttle to visit each property. I stayed at the Moon Palace Grand location.

My room was fit for a queen. From the marble tiling to the jacuzzi bathtub to the sun deck, it was truly magical. Once we all arrived and settled in, we went to their Italian restaurant for lunch/dinner. My matron-of-honor use to live in Italy and has become quite the food critic. Her first words were “this taste like we are in Italy.” Moon Palace is an all-inclusive resort, so you can pretty much eat and drink all day. The room service is 24 hours too.

After we ate, we did a quick outfit change and headed to Club Noir. My bridesmaids splurged on a section for us with a bottle of Moët. Let’s say we got lit pretty quickly and stumbled into Steve Harvey’s 80’s party. Yes, you read that correctly. Steve Harvey had his annual Sand & Soul event at the same venue. The music was great, and the event attendees were so lovely. I was decked out in bridal gear, so I received so many compliments throughout the night. We ended up going back to our rooms around 3 am.

One of my goals for my wedding is to stay fit, so I woke up around 8 am the next day for a run around the property. That’s when I discovered the water park. The game plan for the day now included this colorful water park. The bride squad and I all met up around noon in our neon swimsuits and enjoyed the park-like we were all kids again. I think we were screaming louder than the children on the water slides.

We exerted so much energy that afterward, we decided to head over to the spa. At the Moon Palace, they encourage you to come an hour early for your appointment to enjoy their full amenities, which includes the steam room, cold room, warm chairs, and the jacuzzi tubs. By the time I was done with my spa appointment, I was sound asleep.

The agenda for the evening was to experience the Thai restaurant called “Jade” and then head over to the Casino Royale event sponsored by Sand & Soul. This event called for my custom-made sequins pants by Revelry. Our night ended with a slumber party where we were all able to catch up and reminisce.

“If Lost Please Return me to my Squad.” That was the theme for day 3! We rented a catamaran and had a lovely day at sea. My bride squad all wore matching squad swimsuits with cute skipper hats. I, of course, had the bridal captain hat, which came with perks like drinks before everyone else. We enjoyed time at the beach, which is ranked number 9 in the world.

After our day at sea, we came back and enjoyed the buffet. This buffet was fresh and delicious, filled with an array of desserts. In the end, we were even offered to-go trays.

We stayed at the Moon Palace for four days and three nights. I had an early morning flight the next day, so it was three days of love, laughter, and tequila. My bachelorette exceeded all of my expectations. Now I’m entirely ready to say “I Do” in a few months! 

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