A Luxe All-White Wedding in Miami, FL

On March 7, 2016, Janeen was visiting a restaurant where Trederick was the owner. Upon realizing there was only fried food on the menu and wanting to stick to her diet, Janeen decided to leave. As she was walking out, Trederick was walking in and asked her why she was leaving. After she explained to him her reasons, he saved the day! The couple has been together ever since, and they walked down the aisle together exactly five years from the day they met. Janeen and Trederick’s stunning wedding, previously featured in the summer 2021 issue of Black Bride Magazine, is the true definition of glamour! Check out their illustrious white and gold affair with Bridal Suite member, MBM Events and Design as the planner and captured by Stanlo Photography.

Bride:  Janeen Soler, 40, Entrepreneur 

Groom: Trederick Gray, 48, Restaurant & Tow Yard Owner 

Photography by: Stanlo Photography 

Place of Residence: Atlanta, GA 

Wedding Date: March 7, 2021 

Wedding Location: Seafair Mega Yacht, Miami, FL 

Wedding Theme/Motif/Inspiration: White and Gold

Honeymoon Destination: Dubai and the Maldives

Photo Mar 07, 2 46 36 PM
Photo Mar 07, 3 21 32 PM
Photo Mar 07, 4 41 51 PM
Photo Mar 07, 1 45 41 PM
Photo Mar 07, 1 39 34 PM
Photo Mar 07, 2 49 17 PM
Photo Mar 07, 2 54 12 PM
Photo Mar 07, 3 39 39 PM

What makes your love special? 

It’s real, raw, and unapologetic. Our bond is unbreakable, and we make the best  team. 

Engagement Story: On September 27, 2020, we went out to dinner at Little Alley Steak.  Trederick went to the restroom and took so long that I started to wonder what he was doing in there. He comes back and next thing I know he is down on one knee asking me to be his WIFE! 

From the Bride: My wedding experience was so peaceful and happy. I woke up in the Presidential suite overlooking the yacht we were about to elope on listening to gospel and R&B music. I was laughing and crying tears of joy because I was so thankful to God. I also had the best bride squad and glam squad.  

From the Groom: 

Your Best/Most Memorable Moment: Trederick said his vows from the heart, and it was the first time I heard him express his love and appreciation in front of the world. It was perfect!

Wedding song, explain choice for song: Our wedding  song was “You” by Jesse Powell. When I listened to the song, I got so emotional because it told our love story. When I played it for Trederick, he got emotional and told me his uncle used to perform that song all the time. I knew then THIS was our  wedding song!  

Favorite Wedding Detail:  The ceremony décor and set up was my FAVORITE! Our custom chuppah on the top platform of the four-story yacht was amazing!  

Photo Jun 05, 11 23 15 AM
Photo Mar 07, 5 11 03 PM
Photo Mar 07, 5 11 21 PM
Photo Mar 07, 5 23 30 PM
Photo Mar 07, 5 39 52 PM
Photo Mar 07, 5 51 54 PM
Photo Mar 07, 6 01 15 PM
Photo Mar 07, 6 14 59 PM

What are you most looking forward to as a married  couple? 

Trederick has always worked so hard never really taking time for himself, so I’m looking forward to traveling the world together as we continue to build our empire and create generational wealth/knowledge for our children.  

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day: Plan ahead and set a monthly budget. Be selective with your guest list. Choose a great Bridal Squad and planner so you can be free to prepare. Take it all in on your big day because it goes by so fast!  

Please feel free to include any other interesting anecdotes  from your big day! 

Since Trederick gave me my dream wedding, I gifted him with a 2017 Schaefer Yacht at the ceremony! 

Photo Mar 07, 6 30 29 PM
Photo Mar 07, 6 44 46 PM
Photo Mar 07, 7 41 28 PM
Photo Mar 07, 9 29 25 PM
Photo Mar 07, 8 22 31 PM

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss!

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