From Mrs. to Mommy: Babymoonin’in La Jolla


Let’s be real. These last few months will be the last bit of alone time that you will have with your partner for a long time. Therefore, its essential to commemorate it but getting out of town for a “babymoon.” It’s so essential for a couple to take this time away so that they can reconnect, enjoy each other’s company and have a little fun before the baby’s arrival. Here are some tips to help you plan yours. 


Decide where to go. 

The best time to take a babymoon is after the first trimester once the morning sickness and nausea has worn off. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time to travel is from 18 to 24 weeks. Be sure to select a location that appeals to both you and your partner. The goal is to relax and have a little fun together. Also, choose somewhere that offers a mix of opportunities to relax and to get out and explore. Casey and I decided to go to beautiful La Jolla, California. It was the perfect getaway that offered a small beach town vibe with so many picturesque locations. With endless beaches, palm trees, posh boutiques, exquisite dining and not to mention the short drive to San Diego – this was the perfect destination for us. 

Try to get a free upgrade on the airline of your choice

Days before Casey and I were scheduled to leave for our babymoon, I woke up to extreme back pain. Posterior pelvic pain to be exact- when it hurts to walk, sit, whatever. It’s THE worst! Initially, I was going to cancel the trip, but I decided that my husband and I deserved this trip and decided to go. I knew if I called the airlines ahead of time, they would charge me for the upgrade. I decided to try my luck on the day of my trip. Since, I knew it was going to be a long walk from the curbside to the ticketing counter, through TSA and finally to my gate. I decided to get a wheelchair. The woman rolled me right to the gate, and I simply asked the agent if I can get an upgrade. She said ok, no questions asked. I’m pretty sure that she saw the pain written all over my face. I was shocked but ultimately glad I got the upgrade.

Do things that your husband wants to do.

During your pregnancy, your husband has been pampering you and running to and from the fridge at all hours for those pregnancy cravings. Now is the time to show him how much you appreciate him. Make sure to do the activities that he enjoys. The number one thing on his to-do list was to go on a Jet-pack, and that’s precisely what he did.

Don’t forget the romance

it’s important to make some time for you and your husband before the baby comes. After all, once the baby comes, it’s going to be all about them. Try to enjoy this last time you will have alone together as a couple. Book a couples massage, a private dinner, or just simply relax in your hotel room. Welcoming a baby into this world is truly a life changing experience and that alone time is vital. It’s such a great time to rest, relax and recharge before the baby comes. So, go ahead and book your babymoon trip. You will not regret it!