4 Couples Share the Secrets to Making Their Love Outlast ‘I Do’

In the age of creative wedding hashtags and viral reception dance videos, it’s easy to lose sight of what the end goal should be; a union that feels as joyous as it looks.  After the thrill of the pre-wedding celebrations and the walk down the aisle, couples are often put to the test. Life happens and the real work begins, as they find a groove that meets the needs of both individuals and can stand the test of time.   

Four couples share relationship advice that has helped them in their journey to building a strong foundation so far.   

KeJuan and Courtney McGee

Photo: Champagne Love Stories

“You and your partner aren’t going to see eye to eye everyday on everything. What has worked wonders for us is forgiveness. Disagreements happen, but as long as you don’t go to bed angry and there is still respect for the other person, you can conquer anything.”

Eron and Arianna Stephens

Photo: Camille Leigh Photography

“Communication is key. We make it a priority to sit down and have marriage meetings weekly. It’s a consistent time and space for us to connect with one another and ask intentional questions that really penetrate the heart so that we’re always on the same page.”

Terrell and Lauren Lea

Photo: Kayla Coleman Photography

“Understand that the growth of your relationship is always evolving and is still a journey after marriage. Continue to date, grow with one another, develop healthy habits together, and always ask how you can serve each other.”

La’Darious and Quantavia Styles

Photo: Travis Daniels Photography

“Never suppress who you are to meet the norms of what society thinks is a traditional married couple. Marriage is what you make it. Do what works for the two of you to continue building your love story.”

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