Meet the Couple Helping Marriages Thrive During Quarantine

Being married and on lockdown with your spouse can go either one of two ways.  The extra time together can be the quality time and relaxation you both were in desperate need of or it can uncover some hard truths and unresolved issues. 

Stephon and Christina Chaney created Quarantine and Stay Married, an Instagram series where they candidly discuss all things love and marriage, and share tips for using this time to build a stronger, healthier union.  These parents of two beautiful boys and one more addition on the way, sat down with us to talk about the vision behind #QuarantineandStayMarried.    

1. What was the inspiration behind the IGTV series, #QuarantineandStayMarried? 

Stephon and I have overcome a lot in nearly 5 years of marriage. We were conversing about how much we’ve grown individually/collectively, and the peace that we now have in our household. However, we couldn’t help but think about other couples that may be in the midst of a storm.

Marriage is a neverending transformation process and we can’t imagine having to endure quarantine while dealing with other struggles (as in our early days). So while we were seeing a lot of  #QuarantineAndChill on social media, our passion is for marriages to thrive. So we decided to use our experience to encourage married couples to #QuarantineAndStayMarried.  

2. What is one piece of advice you would give to couples navigating this quarantine ?

The advice we would give married couples during this phase is to practice gratitude. Finding reasons to be thankful for one another really helps in resetting the atmosphere. It’s easy to focus on the annoying things, especially being on quarantine together. But you have to fight for peace.

Go back and watch footage from your wedding day to remind yourself of how happy you were to be spending the rest of your life with your spouse. Review your vows. Think back to a time where you had perfect peace in your marriage and use this time to work towards getting back to that place.

3.  Anything else you would like for Black Bride readers to know about you?

We are determined to come out of this quarantine phase better that we went into it. We are deciding to have the tough conversations, while continuing to honor one another. 

We have a relationship blog,, where we share our experiences on the benefits of the committed lifestyle. 

Fun Fact: Stephon and Christina’s engagement was previously featured here on Black Bride five years ago! Read their love story here

To check out their #QuarantineandStayMarried posts, follow Christina and Stephon on Instagram at @christina_chaney and @stephon.chaney.  

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