From Mrs. to Mommy: Take A Dive Into Graysen’s Nursery

Last year, Casey and I experienced quite a few major life events back to back! We purchased a home, got married, went on our honeymoon, got pregnant, and just had a baby. Unfortunately, our home decor had to take a back seat. But, even amid this chaos, we wanted Graysen to have a special place in our home to call his own.

The color blue is Casey and I’s favorite color, in fact, some form of the color is represented throughout every room in our home, from the tufted chairs in our dining room to the large sectional in our den. We knew that I had to incorporate blue into Graysen’s nursery, so, I took inspiration from a Pinterest post and decided to add a navy blue accent wall along with some star decals to give the room a midnight sky effect. It added depth to the room and it looks so chic! 

While I was pregnant, I developed a love for animals and incorporated them throughout his room. We introduced the animal theme through the prints on his crib sheets, rug and continued it with large paintings of a giraffe and zebra, stuffed animals on his bookshelf, an elephant light projector, and a giraffe figurine on top of his dresser. 

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To ensure Graysen gets the best sleep possible, we opt for the Happiest Baby Snoo to rock him off to dreamland. This handy cradle is great for first-time parents because it has protective swaddle wings to keep your baby safe on their back while choosing the best motion and white noise. It’s like having your own personal night nurse there to help 24/7!

Aside from being jealous of our son’s sleeping arrangements, we wanted Graysen’s nursery to have a light and airy feel, which is why we decided to opt for a consistent white crib and dresser. One of our favorite areas in Graysen’s nursery is his closet. We made sure that he had a system where every inch of his closet space was utilized. It was also imperative that we keep his clothes separated from his footwear, this includes the Freshly Picked Mocassins.

Not only did I make sure there was a space for Graysen’s hygiene products in his closet, but I made sure to arm the rest of his room, too. A favorite of mine is the OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser because it helps me wipe down messes whenever its necessary.

We can’t wait to make memories in this room with Graysen! We had a lot of fun creating this nursery and we hope that our son grows to love and appreciate it as much as we do.

Hope you enjoyed his nursery! Let us know your favorite details below.

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