What to do after you get engaged

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It is the season for engagements and he finally popped the question, you said yes, and the engagement ring has been perfectly placed on your finger. Now what to do after you get engaged?? These 12 things will help you figure out what to do first—and how to enjoy every second of the wedding planning process. These 12 to-dos—from the fun (get a manicure!) to the nitty-gritty (set your budget)—will get you organized, on track, and well on your way to planning the best wedding ever.

1. Make the calls: Call Your Relatives (Even the ones you never really talk to)

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2. Get a manicure.

Your finger and its sparkly new adornment will be getting a lot of attention so you want to make sure your nails are perfectly painted and ready to receive massive ooh's and ahh's from your friends and family.

3. Speaking of rings, get yours appraised and insured!

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It may not be the most thrilling task in the world, but if your engagement ring falls down the garbage disposal, flies off a rollercoaster, or sheds a diamond or two, you'll be ever-so-glad you got that precious stone insured.

4. Enjoy the moment.

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Being engaged means you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. But it also means that you just committed to spending the rest of your life with your soul mate. Take some time (at least a couple of weeks) to savor how epically romantic that is before you dive into logistics.

5. Perfect your proposal story.

Everyone will be asking how he popped the question. Craft a retelling that reflects the beauty and magic of the moment.

6. Start Dreaming!!

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Buy a few wedding magazines and start brainstorming with your guy about the big day. Compare fantasies (tequila tastings! beach vows!), and sign up for a Pinterest account to create an online inspiration board. Go crazy—you can refine things after you've picked your venue.

7. Make a pass at your guest list.

Before you even begin the venue search, nail down this magic number. Planners want to know how many people you’re inviting so they can pair you with spaces (ballrooms, tents, etc.) that can accommodate your head count. Packages are also priced in ranges based on guest minimums, so this will help you with the next step: budgeting.

8. Set a budget and start saving.

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It’s easy to get carried away planning for the happiest day of your life, but ask yourself, do you want to be paying for the wedding years after the honeymoon, or would you rather go house hunting?

9. Get out your calendar

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Have a range of dates in mind before you tour venues. Are you envisioning a spring garden wedding, or fall I do's in the woods? Do you want to honeymoon in Yosemite, or cruise the Caribbean? The answers will help steer you toward your ideal time of year. Tip: Ask engaged friends when they're getting hitched, so you can avoid those dates!! Nothing is worse than not being able to attend a friends wedding because you are getting hitched on the same date.

10. Places, please!

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Figuring out where to hold the ceremony and reception is hard work. You may visit several venues before finding “the one.” Make this part of the planning as fun as possible by staying calm and organized. Create a spreadsheet (and consider sharing it in a Google Doc) with your fiancé to keep tabs on the venues you visit, what you like (or don’t like) about them, their prices, etc.

11. Relinquish control… Or NOT!

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Can you plan the entire wedding by yourself? No one can answer this question but you (and possibly your Mom). If you’re the type of person who’d rather not stress over the details, a wedding planner will help tremendously. If you are the Bride that wants to plan every detail (Like I was) then maybe a day of coordinator is the best option for you! But either way having someone to help out during your process will help the Bridezilla stay FAR away!

12. Relax.

FINALLY, Do your best to avoid any unnecessary stress!  Some days will feel completely overwhelming. When this happens, grab a latte, go for a pedicure and think about how amazing your wedding is going to be. Remember this day is about you and your husband-to-be and no matter what happens, the most important thing is that you are getting MARRIED!!!


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