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Never stop dating your spouse or significant other, because dates don’t stop after the dating phase has ended or during the holidays. It’s hard enough to think about what gifts to give during this festive time of year. Now you have to worry about where to go on dates? Well, of course. Though the holidays can be a stressful time, it’s important to remember what and who is most important. Anything valuable requires maintenance or it’ll fall apart – your love life included. So take a break from the season’s madness and take each other somewhere beautiful. Don’t worry; I’ve already done the difficult part for you. All you have to do is pack a small bag.

Here Are Five Date Night Ideas To Help You Heat Up The Holidays:

1. Quit wasting your money? The best dates are free. Sunsets cost nothing and they occur daily. Plus they’re breathtaking. Pack a blanket and enjoy one by the water with wine. On second thought, forget the blanket – body heat is better!

2.  Take advantage of the season and do something that only comes around this time of year: Ice-skating, orchestra seats at “The Nutcracker,” or even a romantic ski trip in a cabin for two. If you’re up for more company, invite your closest friends and make it a couple’s retreat. Bring plenty of champagne!

3. Volunteer together. Like relationships, life is about service. Do something greater than you for someone less fortunate than you. There’s something beautiful that happens when a couple takes the focus off themselves and sacrifices for something more.


4. Sit back and enjoy the light show. Several cities have special nights that involve a tree lighting ceremony or Christmas lights in the park. Pay 25 bucks and ride a horse carriage through the experience! If your city just doesn’t offer any of this, take 30-45 minutes to drive around and look at all the beautifully decorated holiday-themed homes. It’s the perfect moment to take your mind off the mundane and just enjoy each other.

5. Decorate the house together. Often the perfect date with the perfect person is one where you realize you don't have to leave home to have a good time. Heat up the cider, turn on the Christmas playlist and light up the tree. Once finished, turn off the lights and cuddle up by the fire. Holiday movies are playing around the clock. Pick your favorites and go on a binge watch until you fall asleep…or whatever you two do next!


You see! Some of the best dates require lots of thought, not lots of money. Expensive doesn’t always mean enjoyable. A creative date is a lot more memorable than dinner and a movie. Imagine an all day affaire de coeur: Fresh fruit, an early morning hike, a free contemporary art gallery, change clothes, enjoy a picnic with wine on the water then head home cook what’s already in the fridge over leftover wine and cozy conversation that goes past your bedtime. Don’t forget the sunset! Happy holidays! – Enitan Bereola, II


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