How to Get Amazing Photos on Your Honeymoon

Once the wedding vows are recited, the cake is cut and the bouquet is tossed, you’ve earned a memorable honeymoon getaway in a beautiful destination!  Just like your fabulous wedding, you’ll also want to document this once in a lifetime trip with some amazing photography! We’re not talking cell phone pics with selfie sticks or asking random strangers to take your photo. How would you like exploring a new exotic destination with your very own photographer and tour guide? Yes, we know, It’s a no brainer! That’s exactly what you get when you book a honeymoon shoot with Shoot My Travel, where you can book a photo tour in over 250 destinations around the world and experience a new city through the lens of a local photographer. With photo tours starting at just $195 you can vacation like a celebrity with your own photographer capturing all of your candid moments. Not in your budget? Include that cost in a honey fund on your wedding registry! These Shoot My Travel photos below from destinations like Paris, Buenos Aires, Milan and Bali speak for themselves! 

Here’s how you can book a photographer for your honeymoon with Shoot My Travel: 

Step 1: Choose a destination, Shoot My Travel has local photographers in almost every major city and tons of destinations abroad. 

Step2: Browse through photographer profiles in the city of your choice and choose the photographer whose work speaks to you. 

Step 3: Choose a package! For honeymoon photos we recommend the 2 or 3 hour photo tour. Your photographer will meet you at the location of your choice and guide you through the best places to take photos in your location! 

It’s that easy! Best of all, you’ll receive your photos within 24 to 48 hours after your photo tour via an online private gallery, where you will be able to view, share and download your photos to your smartphone or computer.