The Secrets To Honeymoon Packing Revealed

Passport? Check! Sunscreen? Got It! Sun hat? Uh-oh almost forgot it! At last, after the stress of planning the wedding, you are finally packing for that highly anticipated, and frankly well deserved traveling rendezvous with your SO. Since you’re now a pair, the packing process may be double the trouble. I mean, do you really need two tubes of toothpaste? Should you do one checked bag with both your clothes and shoes or two separate carry on luggages? How do you make honeymoon packing as pleasant as the honeymoon night, you ask? Here are some surefire packing tips and tidbits, you can use for your romantic getaway.

Just Throw It In The Bag

“The first step is to know your itinerary,” shares travel expert Alisha Richardson, and founder of popular Instagram page @ChicksThatTravel. “Knowing your itinerary ahead of of time will help you to pack the right kinds of clothes.” “Two non-negotiable items are a jacket and flip flops,” continues Richardson, “no matter what kind of weather your destination has, a jacket in a cold restaurant and flip flips for running quick vacation errands will always come in handy.”

If you’re traveling to multiple destinations, Doie Lounge owner Sara Krisner recommends repurposing your clothes to keep luggage super light and bringing pieces that don’t require ironing.

“Only pack things that have two or more purposes, think blush that can double as eyeshadow or shoes that can be casual and formal,” says Elizabeth Avery of SoloTrekker4U. To add to your double purpose collection go with pieces like Versakini, one bathing suit that transforms into all of your favorite bikini styles.

What’s Mine Is Yours

To make your travel a little sweeter, pack items and electronics you can use together. loveBuds, the only his & hers earbuds on the market are perfect for traveling couples. Those long international flights don’t have to be in marital isolation as loveBuds provide individual volume controls, and external noise cancellation. Use them during audio guided tours through Jordan, or play “your song” while walking the Brooklyn bridge, hand in hand.

Size Definitely Matters

Travel size deodorant and shampoo aren’t the only mini-sized items you should consider. Add travel sized lysol spray, motion sickness tablets, and even make-up. Brands like StowAway, offer trial size cosmetics to take lbs. and oz. off your luggage weight.

Since you’re with your one and only you’ll also want to stay nice and fresh; to help, pack on-the-go wipes. The Savvy Travelers beauty wipes come in single use packets, and are perfect to wipe and swipe from head to toe.  No water, no problem. Wipe your teeth clean after that succulent curry goat dish in Jamaica or clean your feet after grape smashing in Sonoma.

Pockets, Cubes, and Straps, Oh My

Travel neatly and avoid misplacing or scrambling to find important items by using luggage and carry-ons with inner organization. LA based leather goods brand Coyn, carries the Everyday Tote, equipped with pockets, laptop protective sleeve, and key strap (thank the leather bag God’s for this). A packing hack from the brand includes accessorizing the bag with fun bandanas or simple jewelry, that can later be used to accessories yourself on the trip, and takes up zero extra space. Coyn also recommends packing what you might need on the first day of your vacation in your Everyday Tote just in case your luggage is misplaced.

Take Your Meds

Pack all the medication you’ll need during your trip in your carry-on. CVS suggests making sure your prescriptions are filled one week prior to the trip, and if needed, transfer your refill to a nearby location using the CVS Pharmacy app.

Prepare for Take Off

Before you head to the airport, take photocopies of your passport, ID and credit cards just in case your originals are lost or stolen, offers Lindsey Cummins, CEO of Winq. In addition, “download international messengers like WhatsApp or Vibe, so you can communicate with loved ones at home without the roaming charges,” Megan Velez, Destination Weddings Travel Group.

Although secrets, we don’t mind you sharing these helpful travel hacks and who knows they might even get your single friends married.

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