How To Write Thank You Cards For Your Wedding

By C. Spinks

Weddings build memories that last a lifetime, and your guests are the main contributors to the celebration of your union. One of the best ways to offer your appreciation for those who shared in your special day is to send a thank you card. Want to send cards but need some guidance? Here’s a checklist to get you started:

Create a List

Writing thank you cards are a way for newlyweds to not only express gratitude to their guests, but also say thank you to wedding vendors and those who may have extended a congratulatory gift outside of invited guests. Anyone that took the time to celebrate or contribute to your union should be included on the list. 

Select Stationery

Invest in quality stationery that might speak to the aesthetic of you and your mate or is similar in style to your wedding invitations. Many times the smallest of details you consider including on your invitation are what the recipient will love the most. So make sure you have considered as many styles and options before making your final card selection. 

Personalize It

There’s something so heartfelt and personal about a handwritten note. This can be a time-consuming task, so make it a team effort. One spouse can write each note while the other stuffs, stamps and addresses envelopes. Turn your thank you card into a wedding keepsake by adding some of the best photos captured from your wedding. 

What to Include

Create a warm message that shares your appreciation of your guests taking part in your special day or their gift contribution. You should also acknowledge specific gifts given, like those from your registry or items that one took the time to select for the occasion. 

Mailing Your Cards Should Be a Priority

It’s suggested that you send your wedding thank you cards within three months after the wedding. Following what can be long and exhausting wedding planning, it can be easy to forget about this task – but try to make it a priority. 

How did you select your thank you cards? When did you send them out? Let us know all about your process in the comments below!


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