BB on The Scene: BRWN Beauty Brand Launch

By T.Nicole

In 2017, there was an influx of black owned beauty brands, with quite a few major brands trying to cash in on our Black Girl Magic. 2018 looks to be no different and the BRWN Beauty brand is proving to be an early contender. BRWN Beauty founder Asheya Dixon and the T.Morrison Agency held a “pop-up” launch at the beautiful A Perfect Beauty Studio in the prestigious Buckhead Area of Atlanta earlier this month. The ambiance was perfectly set with small bites, a sweets bar, candles, a DJ, a signature drink titled “Beauty”; and a full display of available products. Angel Love formerly of Basketball Wives fame and Bri Renee of Streetz 94.5 FM made appearances, mingled, and took photos with guests.

If you speak to any entrepreneur worth their weight in business, they will tell you that brands are typically born to solve a need; and Asheya’s brand was created for that reason. BRWN Beauty founder Asheya Dixon suffers from Eczema as does her daughter, so she created a luxury brand that wouldn’t aggravate her condition. Unlike most popular brands, her line is made from all natural ingredients that won’t trigger her Eczema and actually smooth out flare ups. I’ve had the privilege of using the products for the past 3 days and here’s what I’ve found. I’ve been using the CoCo Kisses Moisturizing Body Wash every morning and the scent is amazing! A pump or two of this body wash lathers with ease and rinses without residue. The Cocoa scent gets me every time I enter my bathroom afterward. Now as a woman that has to mix baby oil gel with any scented lotion to keep my skin hydrated and still smell good, the CoCo Kisses Moisturizing Body Lotion is a God send. The lotion is very lightly scented, which allows me to layer with a scented lotion or perfume without altering the intended scent. I am able to get through the day without having to double and triple check to see if my elbows are ashy. I’ll also add that because of the thickness of the Moisturizing Body Lotion, a little goes a long way, meaning the size of the product is a great investment. The final product; the CoCo Kisses Body Scrub compared to other scrubs almost provides the perfect amount of oil to sugar ratio. Have you ever used a scrub with so much oil that you almost died from slipping in your tub? I have, so I was happy with the texture of this scrub, just make sure to stir thoroughly.

Asheya stated that the time between the inception of the idea to the point of her product hitting her site was only 1 year, which is pretty incredible. She plans on releasing a skincare line next month and said that she would eventually like to venture into a children’s line, but only after finding the perfect formulation with her team; as she understands that children’s skin is much more sensitive than ours.

With everything in the CoCo Kisses line at the $20.00 price point, I’m sure you’ll find something you love. My favorite is the Moisturizing Body Lotion. You can find everything at Please be sure to share your favorite BRWN Beauty CoCo Kisses products with us and to follow shopbrwnbeauty on Instagram.


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