Beauty Routines Every Woman Should Ditch

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This "Beauty Breakdown Tuesday" is all about bad beauty routines. Sometimes we do not realize that our most sacred beauty habits are in fact major beauty no no's.  The older I become I realize the crazy beauty routines I used to put my pore face and skin through were just all kinds of wrong. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Remember your skin and hair are living organisms that must be treated gently with care and a consistent regimes to get the best result for your healthiest glow.

Do you drink water daily?

Exercise regularly?

Wash you face daily before bed?

Do you use SPF daily all year around?

Do you really get enough sleep?


Some of the answers to these questions vary for every woman but I can guarantee that even through these few questions there are some naughty beauty habits that you are doing in between these routines that are all wrong. Here are daily habits that are hurting your beauty that you no longer need to do.

Source: Bad Beauty Habits via Pinterest

Washing you face in the morning and being too aggressive:

As you sleep you skin naturally regenerates itself by reestablishing it pH and increasing its collagen. The use of harsh scrubs and deep cleansers in the morning actually do more harm to the skin than benefit.

Instead wash your face a night with your preferred scrub or cleansers and in the morning simply clean your face with witch-hazel and add your moisturizer with SPF and go.

Forgetting about your neck:

Often times we wash our face and forget about nourishing our beautiful neck. Yes that ares needs lost of love and moisture too. Not moisturizing and applying sunscreen below your jawline will increase signs of aging faster.

Instead treat the skin on your neck the same way you treat the skin on your face.  Always use upward and outward motions.  Also, use gentle cleansers, and avoid using anti-aging treatments that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or retinol on your neck.

Towel Drying your hair:

Rubbing your wet hair with a towel, pulling and wrapping it too tightly, or brushing or combing it too hard can all lead to damaged, frizzy locks. This process over dry the hair removing all of its moisture while causing the hair to tangle.

Instead blot or pat your hair until the majority of the moisture is absorbed. Air drying your hair with a great leave-in moisturizer or conditioner is the healthiest way to dry you hair. If you need to add heat set it on a low and cool temperature and style normal.

Mascara Abuser:

Are your guilty of moving the mascara brush in and out multiple times? This is so bad because it forces air, and bacteria, deeper into the tube and drys out the product immensely.

Instead gently pull out the wand, moving it around inside the container and scraping the edge as minimally as possible. No need to pump the mascara get a good coat first, take your time and repeat again. 

Beauty Product Junkie:

It is so easy to get lost in to habit of always buying and experimenting with new beauty products. Especially if you are always in search of a quick fix. No only does this make your skin crazy causing it to work extra hard resulting in more breakouts, not all products mix. Did you know that beauty product ingredients don’t necessarily all get along? For example, using retinol and benzoyl peroxide can deactivate the effects of the retinol.

Instead simplify your beauty routine. Use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, a topical retinoid, and maybe one other carefully selected antioxidant product. If necessary, talk to a dermatologist or esthetician, who can recommend the most effective routine for your needs. Remember to allow you skin 6-8 weeks for small results and up to 6 months for more drastic and defined results.

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