Destination Bridal Beauty: 5 Tips for Success

I’m always so excited to hear a great couple is getting married! However, after working with countless brides the wedding planning seems to put quite a damper on all of her excitement. By the time she makes it to her makeup consultation I can almost guarantee I’ll hear her say, “I just can’t wait until it’s over!” Yikes! I just can’t imagine feeling so over extended. This alone has been enough to convince me to have a small, intimate wedding (far away from home)!

I personally was never completely sold on the idea of a destination wedding because I don’t get to have my hands in everything. Although some people may see me as a control freak, I like to think of it as “particular.” Don’t judge me! On the other hand, I like the idea of having a destination wedding because I don’t have to have my hands in everything. Let’s face it! People get paid the big bucks to plan weddings. I’m simply not cut from that cloth. I’d rather have someone else do all the heavy lifting and just show up looking fabulous.

Speaking of fabulous. So just how does one go about looking ever so stunning when she’s thousands of miles away from home? Destination Bridal Beauty will provide some tips on how you can ensure a smooth and successful bridal beauty routine for your destination wedding no matter how near or far.


Once you’ve decided on your destination you must begin your search. You don’t want the stress of worrying about your beauty routine and how you’ll look. To help keep your stress level low (and avoid last minute breakouts) plan ahead so you are prepared. Use your favorite search engine to locate nearby service professionals who either work independently, or at local salons, and/or malls. You may also find sites that are exclusively for destination weddings for additional resources.

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I know this may sound too simple and it probably is. I also remind you to not hold too tight to word of mouth referrals, in particular when the recommendation is from a close friend or family member. You can typically count on their opinion being biased. If you happen to be considering a makeup artist who was referred be sure you can see their work ahead of time. If they have a website and online reviews that’s a huge plus! A referral from a past satisfied destination bride is perhaps golden.

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Many places who host destination weddings will help take the guess work out and create a hassle free environment for the bridal party and their guests. Do yourself a favor and book with a reputable hotel or resort that offers beauty services. Often they will have an exclusive spa with packages to accommodate you and your wedding party. Services are provided by experienced professionals who work with many other brides at the resort. Again, read the reviews and see what past brides have to say about their experience.

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This may actually be a good idea even when you’re close to home. The wrong shade of foundation is surely a deal breaker for any makeup look whether too light or too dark. Unfortunately, not all makeup artist are prepared for every shade and tone of skin. If you have a shade that you love and it’s a great match take it with you even if it’s just for backup. If you have other favorite makeup products that you simply can’t live without take them along and ask your artist to incorporate them into your look.

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If for some reason it’s getting closer to your wedding day and you still haven’t found a makeup artist, it may be time for a backup plan. I suggest going to your local makeup artist or makeup counter for a lesson on how to apply your makeup on your own and purchase the products you’d like to use. You don’t have to be an expert to come up with a satisfactory look. While it may not look like a professional makeup application it can be a simple alternative to a bare face. Practice your look until you feel beautiful and confident enough to do it yourself on your special day!

Keep in mind, I didn’t say this would be an easy task. But if you start early enough chances are you’ll find someone who complements your style and can help make you and your bridal party look amazing on your wedding day.

Did you have a destination wedding? What advice can you give future brides about finding a great makeup artist?Join the conversation! Share your comments below or on social media @blackbride1998.

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