How to Identify Your Bridal Mood

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Taking months if not years to plan every little detail to perfection. I’m sure we’ve all scoured through countless publications, websites and of course  our beloved Pinterest trying to gain inspiration, ideas and direction for this one day. Brides will ask themselves “Do I want an evening wedding? Or Maybe a beautiful brunch affair?” What season will we Wed? Do I dream of lush green gardens, stunning stained glass windows or dazzling chandeliers? What will our colors be? And of course the most heavily weighted question of them all! What will I look like? As a bridal make up artist –  I really love to ask my Brides prior to their Bridal Preview for their inspiration photos and their venue selection. This really helps speak to their personality and allows me to understand what excites them. With all of these amazing ideas, it’s easy to get lost and even lose direction of your true vision. So let’s really think about it.

Ultimately, there’s a story being told, a visual biography, and you get to decide exactly what it says. Whether its Soft & Romantic, Whimsical, Luxurious or Southern, you want to ensure that your message is clear and actually translates to your guests in-person and in your portraits. Do you see why wearing a deep sultry smokey eye down the aisle of a rustic farmhouse wedding might not be in sync? Or how a very sculpted hairstyle under the sun of an island beach ceremony may not be cohesive? Are you able to visualize how a Swarovski adorned gown would demand a more glamorous makeup look? When you want to create a memorable experience, and make a lasting impression, you have to ask yourself one question.  How does this make you FEEL? 

Still unsure where to start? Here are a few easy things you can do, to help you Identify your bridal mood.

First, create an inspiration board. I happen to still be a fan of a good ol’ fashion PowerPoint! Compile all of your favorite dresses, décor elements, makeup looks, and hairstyles, then take a moment to visualize it all in motion. Does it make sense? Does it speak to who you guys are as a couple? Does it translate to the vision you send you originally wanted?

Use your inspiration board to determine a theme for your big day. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to one color palette. You can mix and match complimentary tones and textures to create your desired look. Think about how these shades work against your skin tone, and under different lighting. Consider how your favorite makeup looks tie in with your theme.  Does it bring out your eyes? Or make your teeth look yellow?

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and  look to your vendors for assistance and guidance. Wedding vendors are industry professionals – who see and work with brides just like you, every single day. Their expertise in their respective crafts, in most cases will save you a lot of time and stress. Lean on them for suggestions and insight. They will work together and with you to bring your vision to life, if you let them.

Trust me, I know this may be a lot to process at once, but with the right tools and support you’ve got this! If you’re in doubt, seek help from a pro! And if It it feels good, you’re probably doing something right. So whether you’re going to walk down the aisle with sand between your toes, or glide down a beautiful grand staircase to marry the man of your dreams, stay true to yourself  & trust your team of beauty professionals. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, you might find something different you love on the other side.

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