Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beauty Must Haves

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s a day for lovers – a day to love and be loved. It’s also a day that many women dread if they find themselves single or unhappily in love. Well, I’m here to tell you “VDay” is in fact for lovers but it is not just for couples, so get out of that slump and be fiercely fabulous!!! Be with your friends. Be with your family. Be with your children. Enjoy a girl’s night out (or in). Whomever you decide to spend this lovely holiday with, just be beautiful with my Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beauty Must Haves!

1. A Beautiful Attitude

I bet you weren’t expecting that?! But it is indeed a must have, this day and every day. No matter where you find yourself this Valentine’s Day I hope you find yourself feeling beautiful inside and out. Be kind to others, smile at a stranger, compliment a fellow sister, enjoy life and do something special for yourself.

2. A Kissable Red Lipstick

Let’s face it, sometimes you just never know what the night may bring. Just in case it brings you a blissful evening and you end up locking lips with that special someone, opt for a longwear lipstick that won’t leave a trace. Remember, a lady doesn’t kiss and tell! Cover Girl’s Outlast Longwear Lipstick is the perfect finish to any makeup look. Besides its color that lasts all day, it also helps moisturizes your lips without flaking!

3. Skin Primer

If you’re planning a night on the town you’ll want your makeup to last just as long as your lipstick. After you’ve prepped your skin with your skincare products don’t forget to use a skin primer underneath your foundation to help your makeup last throughout the evening. Not only will a primer help your makeup wear longer, it will also help smooth your skin, allow your makeup to glide on easier and ultimately you’ll use less product. Motives have an amazing Complexion Perfection Face Primer! It’s oil-free and helps create a flawless look. We love flawless.

4. Drop Dead Gorgeous Footwear

As much as we love shoes, EVERYONE loves a woman in a pair of drop dead gorgeous shoes! I’m not saying to torture yourself in something that only looks good but kills your feet all evening. They don’t even have to break the bank. But what I am saying is wear something that sets off your entire look. Whether it dazzles, sparkles, makes you 6 inches taller or feel like you’re walking on air, wear a shoe that makes you look and feel like a million bucks! I know. You must be thinking this is fashion isn’t it?! But it does make you feel beautiful doesn’t it? Christian Louboutin anyone?

5. A Signature Fragrance

One of the most unnoticeable things that tends to attract us to our potential mate is their scent. We may notice it as we get to know and appreciate them but we don’t always realize that it’s one of the many things that attracts us to them in the first place. My mother is a woman with an abundant fragrance collection. Although she always smells different, she always smells good. Myself, I prefer a smaller fragrance collection with a signature scent he’s sure to notice. My favorite is West Side by Bond no.9 but with a plethora of options to choose from in men, women and unisex scents you’re sure to find your favorite too! Wear something that makes you unforgettable.

Besides that special someone, what’s something you’re sure to keep with you this Valentine’s Day? Single this year? Share your favorite plans and single lady’s must haves with us! Join the conversation by commenting below or on social media by following @BlackBride1998.

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