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Gone are the days of boring accessories that have one function and limited variety. Every woman desires style, comfort and function all in one piece. Having the right bag for every occasion can make life much more simple!

Source: Polyvore
Designer: Phillip Lim

 Versatility is oozing out of this Phillip Lim bag. Its square when the zippers are zipped, and adds extra space when unzipped. Any bag that adds space is perfect for the everyday hustle and bustle. This one is also cute enough for a date night!

Source: Polyvore
Designer: Juicy Couture

A clutch anyone? Some women find a clutch hard carry due to the lack of space, and because you have to hold it in your hand whatever the occasion; But you cannot beat the extra pop of glamour a cute clutch adds to an evening look. Also, use your clutch as your wallet in your over-sized bags and now you have created double duty with an extra pop of fashion to your everyday bag!

Source: Polyvore
Designer: Chanel

 Cross-body bags are the perfect compromise between a clutch and a purse. They are tiny and non-consuming but they are easy to throw over your shoulder for shopping, traveling or a casual evening affair. A must have for any women on the go!

Source: Polyvore
Designer: Tory Burch

 Traveling is a part of every woman's life why not make it cute and as easy as possible. Having a backpack that frees your hands, can be used as a carry on or a purse or even a computer bag . This Tory Burch cutie is versatile and stylish.

Source: Polyvore
Designer: Matt & Nat

 The classic black computer bag does not have to be boring. Choose one with design details that you can use as a purse or satchel for your everyday needs. Make sure it is large enough to use for your computer and essentials like, a wallet, make up bag. and cellphone.

Are your accessories functional and fashionable? Will you think of a few of these tips the next time you purchase a new bag or accessory? Let us know in the comments below!  


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