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Brownstone Bridal, a contemporary bridal boutique, recently launched their online store with a collection of elegant, unique, handmade, bridal accessories. All of their gorgeous bridal accessories were lovingly sourced and curated by owner C.K. Alexander. Brownstone Bridal's mission is to provide brides with a slightly edgier spin on bridal fashion, which blends chic designs with elegant bridal staples, while maintaining a sophisticated classic style. Check out our interview with Brownstone Bridal below.

Full Name: C.K. Alexander, Owner and Creative Director of Brownstone Bridal

Current location: New York, NY

How long have you been in the industry: 5 years

Specialty: Beautiful Handmade Bridal Accessories

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the bridal industry?

I have always had a passion for love and the institution of marriage and I started out in the industry as a writer, which allowed me to meet a lot of amazing brides who expressed the need for a bridal boutique that was young and hip and trendy. I decided to launch Brownstone Bridal because I wanted to create a space for women like myself who are stylish and edgy but still want to have a classic look on their wedding day. Brownstone Bridal combines all of those things.
What was your inspiration behind your latest collection?

I wanted the first collection at Brownstone Bridal to be fun and whimsical and sassy. You will see a lot of texture like feathers and sheer gloves and bling! I also wanted to feature amazing craftsmanship. I was lucky enough to be approached by UK based jewelry and tiara designer Michelle Corringham. I loved her work and I loved that everything was handmade and made to order. I just wanted to give brides something special, unique and affordable.

The Ofelia 1920's inspired feathered headpiece.

Describe Brownstone Bridal in three words.

Fabulous, Fun and Classic.
What kind of bride would wear your designs?

Brownstone Bridal is for the confident, stylish bride who wants her everyday style to translate on her wedding day. She wants to look and feel like a bride but she still has an edge to her. Brownstone Bridal is for the city girl or the city girl at heart who embraces being beautiful but not like everyone else. A Brownstone Bride is unique.

The Daisy pearl handwoven headpiece

Azalea Flapper Headdress

What is your favorite part about being a boutique owner?

I love shopping for beautiful things! I love being able to curate a collection of bridal accessories for brides like the women I know. Women who are fabulous and fearless.


What makes your bridal boutique different from others?

Brownstone Bridal is different from other boutiques because we do not sell mass produced bridal accessories. We are determined to showcase amazing one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. We also work with a lot of international designers to bring a unique and exclusive flare to our boutique. You won't find any of our accessories in your average bridal boutique.

Do you have any tips for Brides who are looking for the perfect accessory to match their dress?

Yes, I do! Bridal accessories are the finishing touch to your bridal look, so you should have fun with them!

  • Don't be afraid to try something different. If you have a simple gown, go over the top with your accessories.
  • Your accessories should compliment your gown not clash with them. If you have a high neckline go with a fabulous hairpiece, instead of a chunky necklace.
  • Choose your hairstyle before you choose a headpiece. Make sure you purchase a headpiece that compliments your desired hairstyle. Some headpieces only look good if your hair is styled a certain way.

What's next for Brownstone Bridal?

We are in the process of working on our Spring collection which will feature a lot of amazing handmade designs for brides and bridesmaids. We want to offer a wider range of accessories with the new collection so that brides can adorn themselves as well as their bridesmaids. We also hope to include a Groom's accessory line in our very near future.

The Gardenia headpiece made from silver diamante stones


Final words from Brownstone Bridal:

We are very passionate about our clients. We want anyone that shops with Brownstone Bridal to feel like they have had a unique experience where they truly felt taken care of!


Want to see more from Brownstone Bridal? Visit and catch up with them on Twitter @BstoneBridal. Click HERE to see their behind the scenes video from their latest shoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY.


Photography: Brandi Schaffran-Webb of Alexis June Weddings

Videographer: Yosef Alexander of Love Hype Production

Models: Lunden Hawkins and Zulaika Jumaralli

Hair: Shavon Mapp

Make Up: Shea Zephir

Florals/ Coordinator: Fallon Carter Weddings

Creative Director: Sabine Jean-Francois of Wavmakers

Bridal Gowns: THEIA

Accessories: C.K. Alexander of Brownstone Bridal

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