The Perfect Fit: Top 5 Heel Styles for Your Wedding Day Shoes

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There are numerous choices a bride must make in regards to the fashions of her special day; from how to style her hair and finding the perfect dress to figuring out how to incorporate the perfect something borrowed and something blue. A common area brides also struggle is finding the perfect wedding day shoes. 

Many aspects come into play when determining the shoe choice for your special day with varying concerns being fit, price, and comfortability. While all of these things hold substantial weight in the decision making process, the foremost factor that concerns Brides is choosing the shoe the complements their overall bridal style. 

While the more traditional closed point stiletto or simple strappy sandal are common picks amongst brides, we are beginning to see varying heel styles trend in the shoe space from platform pumps to kitten heels. And what better day to add a little flair to your look then your wedding day?

Check out the top trending shoe styles in fashion right now and our perfect, white picks for your special day;

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1. The Chunky Platform

The platform heel is not only one of the top trending shoe styles of right now but also serves as an impeccable choice for those looking for a more comfortable fit for their wedding day. Due to their chunky, substantial makeup and build, they provide stability and great cushion for you to easily walk in and get supermodel height from. Brides such as Ariana Grande, Nicola Peltz, and stars such as Beyoncé and Cynthia Erivo have worn them to their special occasions in accompaniment with their special occasions and stunned. Check out our favorite picks below.

Versace Vita Heel

2. The Strappy Heel

A rather sexy choice for a wedding day, this shoe exemplifies simplicity and sultrines for brides looking for a simple shoe to accessorize their big day’s big dress. The beautiful thing about a strappy heel is their varying makeups as they can come in the form of stilettos or chunky heels to mules and even closed toe options. Many brides and women opt for a strappy heel for their special occasions and if it works for them, it’ll be sure to work wonderfully for you just the same. Here are some of our top picks.

3. The Kitten Heel

If you’re a bride who isn’t a big fan of heels, wants minimal outfit changes throughout your festivities and isn’t the best heel walker, the kitten heel is made for you. Perfect for those looking for fashionable comfort, the kitten heel comes in varying forms and when done right is a timeless choice. Check out some of our favorites below.

4. The Statement Heel

Whether it’s the addition of an adorning bow on the side or feather fascinators on the back, statement heels are those heels that are far from the typical, more traditional fashion choice for brides and often feature special additions or features on them that make a bold statement; they’re for the brides looking to make a splash through their shoewear game on their special day and divert from trends of traditions. Here are some of our favorite wild cards perfect for your special day. 

5. The Classic Pointed Toe

The truth is, classics never go out of style and that’s the same sentiment when it comes to shoes. The beautifully classic and stunningly nostalgic pointed toe heel makes for the best choice for women who love tradition and want to go the classic route when it comes to their bridal heels. Check out some of our holy grail pointed toe heel picks below. 

Written by contributing fashion writer, Kennedi Fort

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