Top 2016 Spring Fashion Trends

Now that we have turned our clocks forward the countdown to spring has officially begun. You may be ready for warmer weather but is your wardrobe ready? At, we are all about keeping you up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. Check out a few of the spring fashion trends we have fallen in love with…


Culottes will be making a comeback this spring season. You will be able to find culottes in various styles, colors and patterns. Denim, floral print and mutli-colored are popular styles you can choose from. These stylish trousers can be found in popular stores such as Asos, Zara and even Target.

Pink Culottes – Asos

Floral Culottes – Asos

Black Culottes – Zara


This spring we are going to see a lot of retro, 70's inspired pieces; prime example, culottes. One 70's fashion trend that recently showed up again on the fashion scene is fringe. During the fall of last year, fringe made a major comeback and it looks like it will be staying for awhile. The popular style can still be found on bags, shoes, pants, tops and skirts. You can find this trend in just about any popular clothing store as well as major department stores.

Fringe Sandal – Steve Madden

Fringe Sweater – Asos

Fringe Bucket Bag – Target

Raw Denim

Another popular item we will see (that has never really gone away) is raw denim. I don't think it is fair to say this fashion trend ever went out of style because any style of denim is a fashion staple; they never go out of style. Jeans are one of those pieces that are acceptable to wear during any season and can be dressed down for a laid back look or dressed up for a more business casual look.

Demin Shirt – Target

One Teaspoon 2020 Denim Skirt

McGuire Denim

Statement Colors

Last but not least are a few statement colors to consider adding to your spring fashion wardrobe. Buttercup Yellow, Fiesta Red, Iced Coffee and Green Flash are just some of the colors trending this spring season, according to InStyle Magazine.

Fiesta Red Gown – Pronovias

Iced Coffee – Pronovias/

Buttercup – Coach Leather

Green Flash – Steve Madden

What Spring fashion trends are you loving?

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