A Romantic Sunset Engagement Session in Pennsylvania

It was on the campus of Towson University where a track athlete and a football player would cross paths in January 2015.  Jasmine and Jindu had practices at the same times and even lived in the same dorm on campus, but they did not officially meet until they were in the same Theater class.  After realizing that their connection was no act, the two classmates began dating in October 2015. Check out their rustic-themed engagement session at the historic Glasbern Inn with Hope & Stay Photography.

Bride: Jasmine Korr, 25, Event & Operations Assistant

Groom: Chukwujindu Chiazor, 24, Consultant

Place of residence: Perry Hall, Maryland

Engagement Shoot Location: Glasbern Inn, Fogelsville, PA

Wedding date: October 16, 2020

Engagement story:

Anyone who knows Jasmine knows that she LOVES Disney World. For Thanksgiving of 2018, Jasmine and Jindu’s families decided to spend the holiday together at Disney. On Thanksgiving night after dinner, Jasmine was told that they were all going to the Top of the World Lounge at the Bay Lake Towers to celebrate Jindus mom’s birthday. When they got to the top, Jindu took Jasmine outside overlooking the theme park and proposed! Jasmine’s brother was able to take pictures and capture the moment. When they walked inside, a cake was delivered as well as chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. To top it off, Jindu bought a mini engraved Cinderella slipper for her to keep her ring in.

For the Groom: Walk us through the behind the scenes of creating this special day 

The first vacation Jas and I went on together was with her family to Disney World. She is a Disney fanatic and she has been trying hard to make me one as well. Let’s just say Disney is slowly starting to grow on me. I knew I wanted to propose to her in Disney, so it was perfect that both of our families were going to be there at the same time. I also knew that it was important to everyone that they were there with us in that moment.  I did a lot of organizing with Jasmine’s mom because she is also obsessed with Disney and she was so excited. After Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted everyone to go have a “dessert celebration for my Mom’s birthday”. I rented out the Top of the World Lounge at the Bay Lake Towers and when we walked in, I took Jas out for some alone time and popped the question. It was the most nervous I have ever been in my life! Not because I’m afraid of heights, but because I had known that I really found my person. I was stumbling over my words and could not stop smiling at her, but I would not trade that moment for the world.

What makes your love special? 

We are definitely a testament to opposites attract! Jindu has always been so outgoing, fun, and really lights up every room. I have always been relatively introverted and prefer small groups of people.  Jindu also is very go-with-the-flow and I like everything being planned out. However, we truly balance each other out! Jindu pushes me to step out of my comfort zone when I need it and I provide the structure he needs sometimes to reach his goals. We really make a great team. Our faith is also huge for us which has really allowed us to grow, be blessed and encourage other couples over the past few years.

What was the theme of your shoot? 

We had our engagement shoot at Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. We wanted a rustic outdoor theme, so this location was perfect!

Were there any memorable moments during the shoot? 

Yes! Alyssa was so good at making us laugh naturally during the shoot, however our most memorable moment was actually when we were praying. Our faith is so important to us so during our session, Alyssa asked us to put our heads together and say a prayer over our relationship and marriage. 

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding? 

Does saying we are excited for it to be over take away the romanticism? But in all seriousness, we are just SO ready to be married. It has been a long time  coming and we cannot wait to officially become one. We are not doing a First Look, so we are both looking forward to seeing each other on that day, when I walk down the aisle. He doesn’t think he will cry, but we all know it will happen!

Have you started planning your wedding? 

Yes! We are getting married in October of this year. Planning has been quite the challenge with the pandemic, but it has really made us focus on what matters most on that day.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  We wish you a fruitful marriage and many years of wedded bliss!


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