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The hats and scarves that have been living in a bin tucked in the back of the closet are seeing the light of day again. The wool coats and sweaters are back in our everyday rotation. For much of the country, freezing temperatures are present daily and everyone outside is dressed in layers walking as fast as they can from point A to point B. Winter brings out the best in everyone’s outside cold weather accessories. There are thousands, maybe millions of hats, scarves and coats that people can accessorize in an attempt to look like a stylish Eskimo. Options are great, no one wants to wear the same combination everyday for months, but we just all need to be careful how we’re caring for our hair underneath the fun and colorful fabrics that keep our heads warm.


Cold weather is dry; our skin needs extra moisture and so does our hair. Those who can handle hot oil treatments should keep a regular treatment routine in the winter. If you have a regular stylist, have a conversation with them about your hair and how often a treatment would be helpful. The air is drying your hair out and the fabrics on your hair are damaging, regular hot oil treatments can at the very least make sure your hair is not falling out because it is thirsty.

In addition to hot oil treatments, humidifiers in the bedroom will also help hydrate your hair while you’re sleeping. Keeping moisture in the hair will not only benefit your hair, it will also work wonders for your skin. Most people buy a humidifier when they’re under the weather and want to get rid of congestion, another benefit to turning one on daily, but many don’t realize there are other benefits to kicking dry air out of your home.

Dedric Deshon, a celebrity hairstylist in Chicago, a city that prepares for winter longer than most, counsels his clients on the best practices to keep away from the salon. “The first thing I tell all of my clients is to buy a satin cap to keep in their coat closet, says Deshon. “No one should leave the house with a hat directly on their head. If they keep a satin cap in the coat closet, they can’t forget to wear it under their hat. Cotton and wool are so damaging to the hair.”


It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, natural or relaxed, no woman wants to see her hair falling out unnecessarily. Sure we all experience natural daily shedding, that’s impossible to avoid. However, when you start to see dry, brittle pieces breaking off more than normal, it’s time to access the air, your habits, your water intake, and your winter attire. Whether you’re long hair don’t care or short and sassy…take extra precautions this winter. Stay warm ladies…not wearing a hat is never the answer.

What are your winter weather hair habits?

 Thaisa Jones

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