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Like most love stories Kristina and Philippe both found love when they least expected it. Kristina and Philippe met in March of 2012 when Kristina was out on a Friday night at a Brooklyn lounge with her friend Florence. Kristina spent most of the time turning guys down that tried to get her attention. However, there was one guy that caught her eye.  "I noticed a guy (Philippe) staring at me from across the bar, and eventually towards the end of the night he made his way over to say “hello.” It didn't take long for Philippe and Kristina to become fully engaged in conversation. The two exchanged numbers and Philippe even texted her that night.  "He sent a text saying, 'It was a pleasure meeting you tonight.-Philippe.'" On Monday Philippe asked Kristina if she would join him for dinner the following Friday night and the rest is history. Almost two years after their chance meeting, the two still continue their Friday date night tradition.  Check out their "Concrete jungle" themed engagement shoot, captured by AM Media.

Bride: Kristina 29, CPA

Groom: Philippe

Place of residence: Brooklyn, NY

Engagement Shoot Location: Roof top and Bryant Park  

Wedding date: 8/31/14

Engagement story:

Philippe and I went to Kenya for a friend's wedding in April of 2013. We spent one week in Kenya and one week in Zanzibar after the wedding. Before going to Zanzibar we spent a few days in the Masai Mara Safari. Once in Zanzibar we spent a number of days on the beach relaxing and swimming in the beautiful blue ocean. On our last night in Zanzibar we had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the ocean and as we walked back to our room Philippe asked me what was the most memorable part of our trip. I mentioned the Safari experience in Kenya and the beaches in Zanzibar. Philippe slowly dropped to one knee, pulled out a small brown wooden ring and said "I want this moment to be the most memorable moment. Will you marry me?" And I said YES!

Click here to see the couple share the story of their epic trip to Africa and their surprise engagement!

What makes your love special?

Love to us is sharing our joys, happiness, sadness, insecurities and being open to the ever evolving ways that we hope to shape each other's lives.

 Were there any memorable moments during the shoot?

Just being there with Philippe was memorable because initially Philippe was against doing formal engagement photos. He finally agreed to do it with a little prodding and surprisingly he enjoyed himself throughout the entire shoot. The best part for me was telling the story of how Philippe proposed, because that will always be a memorable moment.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

It might be silly but I’m looking forward to saying my vows to Philippe and hearing his vows. Words are very powerful and we plan to write our own vows, with the help of our friend C.K. of Love Ink!  I think that’s the most important part of any wedding, because you’re making a life-long commitment in front of God, family and friends. I don’t take those vows lightly. They will be proudly displayed in our home, so that we are constantly reminded of the promise of love and commitment to one another for the rest of our lives.

Check out more cute shots from their NYC E- session below:

Congrats to Kristina and Philippe! We wish you both a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage!


Video and Photography:  AM Media

Beauty – Make-Up: Gil Aldrin

Stylist: Lo Smith

Curated by our Wedding Features Editor, C.K. Alexander. C.K is the owner and founder of Love Ink. Keep up with C.K. on Twitter here: @Love_Ink

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