Baring It All: Perfecting Monochromatic Makeup


You have probably heard of monochromatic makeup trend but aren't really sure of what is means and why its is popular. Well, not only do you not have to wonder we will break down the best ways to apply the perfect monochromatic look for brides and everyday women. Monochromatic makeup is using one color to apply to all of your features. Think of this type of trend as an all in one more bang for your buck type of trend. During my crazy mornings sometimes I almost always end up using one of my favorite bronzers as a brow highlight or sometimes full shadow and apply on my cheeks and go. Who knew my quick all-in-one was an actual trend! Yes, you can try a variety of colors, so depending on your look you can rock a more  bronze and glow look, try a more decadent look with an all-over flush of pink like Kerry Washington so flawlessly does, or get bold and daring with purples and oranges.

Monochromatic makeup is a great choice for brides that love a more natural soft makeup application with a modern twist or for a bride wearing a bold ornate gown. Trying a monochromatic makeup look during your beauty trial is a great way to build a custom look that can welcome more drama and glam is a bride chooses.

  1. Gel blush – This has a great texture that is do-able on lips, cheeks, eyelids, anywhere you want. It’s as easy as swiping on with your fingers and will give you that perfect dewy glow.
  2. Bronze Highlighter – Get this in a cream or liquid form and watch your complexion come to life by dabbing some shimmer onto your cheekbones, lips, eyebrow bone and temple area. The easiest way to fake that chiseled bone structure!
  3. Cream Eye shadow – This is a versatile option to make the most of any color, most cream eye shadows are highly pigmented and have the perfect texture for blending. Find a color that compliments your skin tone and use it as your go-to beauty look.

Here are some examples of  monochromatic bridal beauty looks to inspire you: 



Source: Monocrohmatic Makeup via Pinterest

Source: Monochromatic Makeup via Pinterest


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