A Massage Does A Body Good –

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Preparing for presentations at work can also be stressful. Looking for a job, preparing for a baby, relocating, starting a new job, and trying to lose weight are all events that can leave an individual feeling stressed. Just one of these events would be enough to make a person try meditation, but imagine the stress levels when you combine any of them; planning a wedding on top of relocating to a new city and looking for a new job (raises hand). It's no secret that stress is hard on the body. One might lose sleep (which will continue to add to the problem), and the stress allows toxins to run wildly throughout the body, and these toxins generally take cover in the muscles causing tightening and discomfort. It's not uncommon to hear individuals in these predicaments say, "I am so stressed out. I just need to relax, maybe go get a massage or something." A good massage experience consists of a quiet room, possibly candles and aroma therapy; a relaxing environment where someone can let go and unwind. However, a good massage has immeasurable invisible benefits.

Good hands are hard to come by, so when you find a great massage therapist that can detect all the knots and tension in your muscles, you have found an irreplaceable thing! Working out the knots and tension in the body eliminates uncomfortable back and neck pain and limited mobility; fabulous side effects to a massage. However, the best release are the toxins that have taken residence. When a massage therapist breaks up a knot and works out the tension, they are also breaking up pockets of toxins. When those toxins are released, they will look for a new home, which is why it is so important to drink water after a massage  so you can flush them out. Say good-bye to the toxins and hello to a better body!

Life happens. No one has a perfect life, no one is exempt from mishaps and sudden loss or changes. Despite the fact not one of us can dodge the uncomfortable, everyone has the option to handle their individual stresses with grace and positivity. Stress will come, but it will go. Access the situation, make a plan, and handle the physical effects on the body; don't allow the stress to continue to build on itself. Raise your energy levels with a good workout, do a cleanse, learn to meditate, journal, add a massage sometimes to release the unwanted toxins.

Don't allow the stress to run your life. Things are going to happen, might as well meet them with a smile and a plan.


When was the last time you had a great massage?

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