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Event professionals can easily get bogged down with request from clients, long to-do list, and growing their business. But let’s not forget the power and importance of first impressions. Although what you advise your client is just as important as your outward appearance, you may not get to second base with a potential client if your outward appearance isn't on point. Consider who you are having a meeting with and the time of day. The looks below are for a relaxed business meeting, perhaps the second meeting with a client.

Yellow Cigarette pant: ETRO
Leopard Pump: Walter Steiger
White Blouse: Mango
Source: Polyvore


Turtleneck tank: Prada
Suede fringe skirt: Michael Kors
Pumps : Tom Ford
Clutch: Cheet
Source: Polyvore

Jeans: River Island
Polka dot button up: J. Crew
Pumps: Polyvore
Source: Polyvore

 It is essential that as the face of brand that you have a closet that makes it easy for you to get dressed, look fabulous and be effective throughout the day and sometimes into the evening. The best way to do this is to make sure the fit and style of your clothing is classic and comfortable. You can add personality with some statement pieces such as shoes and accessories and with this formula you will find getting up and being dressed to perfection is much easier than it once was.

Leather Jacket: Helmut Lang
Jersey Skirt: James Perse
Black lace-up pumps: Michael Kors
Sneakers: Nike
Tank top: Polyvore
Source: Polyvore

Walking Short: Minnie Rose
Linen Tank: River Island
Wedge: Sophia Webster
Bracelet: Juicy Couture
Earrings: Marc Jacobs
Source: Polyvore

One key step to making sure you are comfortable and stylish for all occasions is the proper shoe. Changing a shoe can take an outfit from casual to chic, day to night or from meeting appropriate to errand time. Considering the proper shoe before putting together the rest of your outfit is the best way to be fashionably on point with the least effort and thought.

Did you get some ideas on how to make getting dressed effortless? Can you take some of the tips offered and apply them to your closet? Did the outfit collages give you any inspiration for things already in your closet? Let us know in the comments below!!


Curated by our Fashion Blogger, Abbria McWhite who happens to be a Bridal Stylist. Abbria is the owner and  founder of  The Wedding Stylist. Keep up with Abbria on Instagram here: The Wedding Stylist

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