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It’s roughly 7:00 AM in our home and sometimes I tend to get up a couple minutes before my husband so that I can make breakfast and tidy up. That is, unless I spent my evening writing until the wee hours of the morning, which happens and on those days I let myself rest a bit longer. We work from home so a clean house (why do I feel like I'm always cleaning?) is a must and breakfast is needed to get a foot off into the right direction.

As I’m cleaning the living room, making hot tea for us to start our day (coffee for me is to be cute, I prefer tea and have about three cups each day…it’s a writer’s habit for me), and listening to Jentezen Franklin– I decide to light some candles. Side bar: my husband calls me “candle lady” because I love the ambiance of candles, but I tell him it’s because I light his fire. Cheesy, yes I know.

Anyways, so I head over to the oil burner and instead of lighting the candle underneath with a lighter or match, I light the tip of the incense and use that. So for everyone’s enjoyment–a burnt piece of incense drops off into the candle, which causes it to blaze. Trust me, it gets exciting.

While I take the dishes out the dishwasher I begin to hear a ticking sound. I look and notice that the fire underneath is quite large. Because I’m a genius or a pyro (take your pick, but I’ll choose genius) I take a minute to stare at it contemplating what exactly to do next. Water, duh (wrong answer, genius)! Truthfully, the fire wasn’t out of control, but staring at it allowed my imagination to turn me into a firefighter…

I grab a cup and throw the water into the OIL burner, which makes the fire jump out at me…and then I scream, “HONEY!!” My husband comes running out of the room in his white floor length bathrobe (L.L. Bean has the best gift ideas for men, and they do embroideries. Hint: great “just because” gift ideas for winter) to rescue me. He leans in and simply blows the candle out. Whoo, talk about hard work! I will not mention my faint attempts to try and blow it out.

I say all this to point out the obvious, being a perfect wife is impossible. Being perfect in general, sounds to me like no fun! However, being a happy wife (or person) is possible. I’ve learned not to beat myself up over mistakes because before my husband acknowledges that I do a great job as a wife and businesswoman, I must first reaffirm that within myself. I propose that you do the same because you’re totally awesome (seriously,women are amazing creatures)! My hope and prayer is that whether you’re single, dating, or married, someone finds you (or you find them, maybe) that can blow out your candle after you freak out, be patient with you, and will be worth you, as his wife, serving.

So, next time you make a mistake, LAUGH. Because as the French say: Ce'st la vie!

"Never miss out on laughing at yourself. After all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century."


Don’t burn the house down, but do acknowledge your GREAT efforts as a wife, don't beat yourself up over minuscule mistakes, and most importantly love love love like crazy.

Do you have a silly newlywed story? Please share! It's okay to laugh at yourself and the newlywed stage is the best time to start!

Until next time…


Another Happy Wife


P.S. One of the reasons I light the candles is because my husband came home once and said, “Babe, our house does feel like a home.” As the candles illuminated the living room I realized in that moment I married a man that values the environment we have created in our home. So, my efforts don't go unnoticed.




Elizabeth is the founder of Wright Whitmore Faith Publishing, a writing and editing service company with a motto that speaks for itself: "We write so that you don't have to." Hailing from Memphis, TN she definitively claims writing as her first love and lives by the saying, “Nothing bad ever happens to a writer. It’s all just material.”


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