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Now that you've said I Do, it's time to merge your things into your new space. First things first, you must compromise!  If you can tackle this, then everything else will fall into place. I'm going to share some design tips for newlyweds that will keep the honeymoon phase going even after you've moved in together.



Wall Colors:
Pick a neutral wall color that the two of you can live with.  Try a nice grey, brown, green or blue.  If you are a bit spunkier and need some color, go with a darker/more intense shade of a color that you like.  It will be easier for your hubby to stomach if your color choice isn't as soft and feminine.  He'll thank you for thinking of him!



Incorporate Your Unique Personality and Style with Accessories:
This can be your time to shine! Select items in a softer shade to add a feminine touch to his picks.  Remember that your room should always reflect whom you are so get to picking!


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Disguise The Eyesores:
Don't like your spouse's couch or worn out recliner?  Why not reupholster it, cover it up with a slipcover that has a color that will blend well with your decor?


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Bring in Textures:
Select pillows, a throw or area rug that you can both compromise on.  Play off of your paint color choice or accessories.


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Balance out the feminine touches in the room with some simple, yet striking patterns.  How about a neutral bold stripe?


I’ve gathered some items that mesh both masculine and feminine styles rather well. Check out my picks below: 


1-Accent chair $699
The simple fabric and straight wooden legs of this chair exude a masculine touch while the curves on the chair give it a spice of femininity.

2-Chandelier $239
The iron detail on this chandelier gives this plain white drum shade a much-needed pizzazz.

3-Wall mirror $149
The round shape softens this dark wood mirror for a nice masculine and feminine blend.

4-Tufted sofa $999
The tufted detail on this sofa gives it a feminine touch while the straight lines of the sofa's frame gives it a masculine feel.

5-Dresser $1099
The dark color of this wooden dresser gives it a masculine touch and balances out it's curved lines.

6-Queen bed $785
The padded fabric softens the clean and straight lines on this bed frame, nail head trim and ornate wooden legs.

7-Coffee Table $399
The round glass top softens up the straight bold wooden legs of this coffee table.

Tips to remember:

  1. Shop Together
    Get your significant other to shop with you or if home decor shopping isn't his thing, then curate some images and have him take a look at them for a thumbs up.  He'll feel appreciated to know that you took his opinions into consideration.
  2. Keep Function In Mind
    You might have been eyeing a pretty glass top coffee table for some time, but now that you are a Mrs., you must take into account your hubby's lifestyle and needs.  Is he one that enjoys propping his feet up on the coffee table when he's watching TV?  If so, then you might want to second guess that choice and go with something a bit sturdier.  Try a textured wood, leather or metal material.  Something that will hold up to wear and tear.  Your hubby will want to feel at home in your new digs, not as if he's tiptoeing at a showroom.
  3. Personal Zones
    Just because you've tied the knot doesn't mean that you have to be tied at the hip.  Give each other your designated space that you can retreat to and design without any compromise.

Now that you have absorbed some home décor advice for newlyweds on how to make your styles merge in a happy compromise, you can get to living happily ever after!

Your turn!  Which tip will you be using now that you've gone from my space to our space?  Share by leaving a comment below.


Julie Jamison is an Interior Decorator specializing in transforming rooms to radiate your style and personality with affordable DIY online decorating solutions in NYC and the USA.  She is a mommy to 4 scrumptious kids, a wife and small biz owner of Redo Your Room Online.  Julie also loves to sew, is a thrill seeker and a big foodie at heart.  You can connect with her on facebook, pinterest and twitter.  Grab her free guide, “5 Decorating Tips That Work In Any Room” here or get more decorating tips on her blog.

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