The Valentine Cuff

When it comes to planning your wedding, flowers are a very integral part of the day. No matter the theme or wedding destination the florals selected for wedding decor and the brides bouquet add to the overall aesthetic of the day. Famed celebrity wedding designer Diann Valentine has transformed the traditional wedding bouquet into a modern, chic alternative, The Valentine Cuff.

While traditional bouquets are classic and beautiful Diann saw them as a distraction from a bride's magnificent wedding gown. "As a bride makes her way down the aisle, her flowers should be a beautiful accent to her gown and not an enormous barrier that blocks everyone’s view of her couture masterpiece," Diann says. As a opportunity to craft a custom piece for a celebrity client, Diann crafted the Valentine cuff as the perfect interpretation of a bridal bouquet. 

So brides, as you read more about these stunning bridal accessories, be prepared to say goodbye to your bouquet! Explore more of the Valentine Cuff below as Diann Valentine shares her inspiring point of view on bridals latest trends, her Diann Valentine empire and how every bride can create her own Diann Valentine inspired day!

What inspired the Valentine Cuff?

Diann-  The first Valentine Cuff was created in 2007 for Jennifer Williams' wedding. She chose an Angel Sanchez gown and to accentuate the gown instead of covering up its beautiful details I created a bridal cuff. It was a fresh option and she loved it! Jennifer was the first client with the cuff and we went from there.

What inspired your newest collection?

Diann- Lace and pearls inspired my latest collection. I fell in love with the richness of the textures as they are so luxurious and knew that I had to include these two design elements in this collection.

What trends in bridal are you loving right now?

Diann- Galia Lahav is a bridal designer I am loving right now. Sensual yet  simplistic bridal gowns that mix soft lace form fitting silhouettes really stand out right now. Those sexy gowns pay stunning attention to details serve as a foundation for a stunning Valentine Cuff.

Will brides be seeing different colors or flower choices in this collection? 

Diann- Flowers will always be an element included in The Valentine Cuff. As flowers complete the look for a bride, this collection features a stunning array of garden roses. A challenge we hit each season was sourcing flowers that feel real to the touch. The texture of the flowers play a big role in getting the perfect faux flower. Our desire is to always to make a bride feel like she is carrying real flowers and this season we did that with the stunning garden roses we selected.

Are you still doing wedding planning or only celebrity weddings?

Diann- It's my desire to offer my services to as many brides as possible and to do that, at Diann Valentine we have created DVLW Brides. This is a new destination and service where we can service more women who are desiring our wedding services. This division of Diann Valentine was started and managed by Darrel Wilson and makes a Diann Valentine wedding more accessible.

How can brides get that celebrity wow factor, if they can’t have you plan their day?

Diann- Wear a cuff… LOL. In all seriousness, celebrity weddings get so much attention and the people behind the weddings (the planners) are the ones creating the trends. Diann Valentine Signature Weddings has found a niche in the bridal space that allows us to craft very unique wedding days for brides around the world. Brides are embracing new and unique wedding day themes that allow us (the planners) an opportunity to push the boundaries on what a beautiful evening needs and should look like. My main rule for all brides is that you don’t have to follow the rules and you can break the rules in extreme ways to accomplish your dream wedding.

What’s next for you and the Diann Valentine Team?

Diann- Aside from The Valentine Cuff, we will be focusing on Diann Valentine home and expanding that line with newer product offerings. Also we will be launching The Valentine Cuff Luxe collection releasing in April. This is a premium line of cuffs with Swarovski crystals which will be available at 15 retailers in the US.

Thanks to Diann Valentine for taking the time to give our readers a sneak peek into the world of Diann Valentine Signature Weddings, her stunning Valentine Cuffs and her take on bridal trends. Keep up with all her amazing updates at

What's your favorite Valentine Cuff from this collection? 

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