DIY Doily Drink Parasols by Wedding Planner Tim Duncan! –

Today we have an awesome DIY project for brides who want to add a little southern charm to any summer soiree. Timeesha Duncan, Atlanta based wedding and event planner of Tim Duncan Events shows us how to create drink parasols in 6 easy steps!

What’s an easy and adorable way to spruce up your bubbly and add something hand-touched to any one of your wedding festivities? Create your own drink parasols of course! Using only a few supplies, you can create these little cuties in a matter of minutes! They’re perfect for an afternoon bridal brunch, for celebrating at your bridal shower or dressing up some signature cocktails on the day of.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own perfect drink parasols!

Step 4: Fold the doily into a cone shape and secure the flap with glue.








Once everything has dried, decorate your drinks!

For more fun DIY ideas visit Tim Duncan Events and follow her on Twitter !

DIY and photos created by Grace L. Fleming on behalf of Tim Duncan Events exclusively for Black Bride.
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