The Egami Group Presents: The Dream Project Atlanta 2015 – A Life Changing Event –


“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

Many of us have dreams and visions of becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. Well it’s 2015, what’s stopping you? Before you answer that I want to direct your attention to the agency that will change not only your businesses vivacity, but will also encourage you to remain inspired and connected to your brand. The Dream Project hosted by the illustrious high profile agency, The Egami Group, was one of the most exciting events that took place in April with a star studded list of motivational speakers, movers and shakers, and overall inspiring host of orators. From Desiree Rogers to Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, Soledad O’Brien, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johnathan Sprinkles, Marshawn Evans-Daniels, and trust me, the list of dynamic dreamers and doers goes on. The breakout sessions, panel discussions, and candid conversations provided many guests with new ways to innovate their brand, and add to their business arsenal.

The Egami Group has had the pleasure of assisting many successful brands and ultimately aiding them to see their dreams come to fruition. The Dream Project is an annual event that encourages business professionals to take risks, trust their gut, and ultimately take a leap of faith into their destiny. Last year it was just a one-day event, but this year due to high demand, it was extended into a two-day masterminding session with all attendees leaving invigorated and ready to apply everything they learned.

One of the most memorable moments of the event involved a question and answer session with Chef Roblé. As he took the stage, the Egami Group CEO, Teneshia Jackson Warner, introduced him and also let us in on the exclusive partnership he formed with a notable wine establishment. Chef Roblé began discussing how prior to the Egami Group presenting the opportunity to him he was quite fond of a similar wine brand, and it was more than fate that connected him with the partnership opportunity through the Egami Group. He proceeded to mention how his own vision for his life coincided perfectly with the Egami Group bringing him this amazing opportunity, but also the ability to link his brand to a quality wine he was already highly fond of. During that moment of the presentation, many people began clapping in support of not only Chef Roblé’s partnership and brand evolution, but also the Egami Group’s ability to connect his vision with his brand.

Don’t feel as though you’ve missed out on this experience. The Egami Group has an elite exclusive event-taking place on June 12th-13th in Atlanta, Georgia called “The S-T-R-E-T-C-H,” which will be in a more intimate setting with businesses having the opportunity to gain one-on-one attention with the Egami Group team. You do not want to miss this masterminding session with the chance to enhance your business’s brand, and develop new goals. Make sure you’re following the Egami Group across all of their social media channels to stay abreast of what’s to come. There are some events in life that you must drop everything to attend, and an experience with the Egami Group is one of them. We’ll see you there!

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