Elegant Evening Georgia Wedding

Krystal and Harry met on campus at Tuskegee University during their freshman year. They saw each other in passing while hanging out with separate groups of friends one night at “the yard,” but hadn’t actually spoke to each other again that year. It was only during sophomore year that they started stalking each other. It all began when a couple of Harry’s friends began sitting with Krystal’s circle everyday at lunch in the campus cafe, making jokes and goofing off. Soon, Krystal and Harry began hanging out without their friends because they genuinely enjoyed spending time together and being around each other. The friendship soon blossomed into a relationship when they realized their mutual attraction. Krystal and Harry witnessed each other grow close and at times, from a distance, but eventually they made the ultimate commitment with a sophisticated fall wedding. Check out their special day, captured by Unique 2 Chic Photography.

Bride: Krystal Brooks, 29

Groom: Harry “Alonzo” Chamber,  29, Financial Manager of Claims

Place of residence: Los Angeles, California

Wedding date: November 12, 2016

Wedding location: Historic DeKalb Courthouse in Decatur, Georgia

Wedding theme: Elegant Evening

Engagement story:

After graduating college, Harry moved to Omaha, Nebraska for work and I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Following year living in separate states, I moved to Omaha as well. Two years later, Harry got a promotion and we both moved to Los Angeles, California. I remember all of our friends being excited that we were moving. Our friend Scarlet would be the first to visit us, and it was all because of the proposal! June 28, 2015, was her last full day in LA. Harry suggested we take her to dinner with a few other friends. We went to a restaurant at the Malibu Pier during sunset. The sky was painted purple and pink, it was absolutely beautiful! 

When we were leaving, there was a videographer and a saxophonist playing John Legend’s “So High” on the pier. Everyone stopped and started recording with their phones (us included). Harry’s spontaneity kicked in and he suggested we dance. I was little shy, but he said we should act natural because of the videographer. I obliged, but I felt so awkward! When we were done, the saxophonist asked if anyone had a request. Harry let go of my hand and reached in his pocket. I immediately started shaking and crying as he got down on his knee. Before he could finish asking if I would marry him, I had already said “yes” with the ugliest crying face ever. It was so magical and perfect!

What was your wedding style?

The theme for our wedding was Elegant Evening. We were always fascinated with night weddings. We wanted our wedding to be intimate and classy. Since our wedding was during the fall season, we decided that our wedding colors would be wine, blush, and gold.

What was wedding dress shopping like?

Initially, wedding dress shopping was extremely disappointing. I would see a dress that I thought was “the one.” Then, I would be browsing wedding magazines and fall in love with another. The only detail I was certain about was the style; I wanted a mermaid-style dress. It wasn’t until I watched YouTuber Alicia Webster share details of having a designer dress replicated by a local designer in West Hollywood. Conveniently, I lived local to the guy that designed her dress. The dress I wanted replicated was a $10,000 Galia Lahav beauty that exceeded my dress budget twice over. My cousin, who was my Maid of Honor, flew in from Dallas, Texas to go with me to the meet the designer. We showed him a picture of the dress I desired. I was skeptical because of the intricate beading details, but the designer executed it to excellence. I was, and continue to be, in love with my dress!

What was your best memory?

Our best memory was the lighting of the unity candle. It was special because our wedding designer
had placed a photo of my late mother beside the piano, where a candle was placed. It was very emotional because we could feel her presence there. Anthony Hamilton and Marsha Ambrosius’ song “Always” made the moment perfect.

Congratulations to the lovely couple! We wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage.


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