He Holds My Hand – Black Bride


He holds my hand when we are riding in the car. When we are walking he holds my hand or puts his arm around. We've been married 16 years and he continues to hold my hand. I get comfort and security from him even holding my hand while we sleep. When we have gone through some financial storms, we continue to hold hands knowing we are in them together and we come out VICTORIOUS because we are FIGHTING for US and our family.

Getting married can be scary because of the unknown. You know you love your future spouse – that's not the scary part. Money is the scary part, yours, theirs and even considering joining accounts. Will he be able to handle you have certain financial obligations that you are bringing into the marriage? Do you even tell him? What obligations will he bring to the table? Maybe you've thought about some of these questions; however the wedding plans are at the forefront of your mind.

Do you need someone there to hold your hand and walk you through – WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY? Do you need someone to hold your hand when things get stressed because you may not have made the best financial decision due to your lack of information? Do you need someone to hold your hand and be there CHEERING you on saying "You can do it"?

Let's think about it – when brides-to-be go on that diet to get into that wedding dress, they look to others to encourage them, support them and oftentimes have someone go through it with them. But what happens to your finances? Your money matters? Will you fight with the same VIGOR and TENACITY for your money and marriage that you do with weight?

As part of the Community, I am here to hold your hand and answer those questions that may keep you awake at night when it comes to finances. When you walk down the aisle, you should have peace and comfort knowing that you have been talking about money and have a foundation for financial communication and success throughout your marriage.

What do you want to know about finances before you say "I Do"? Ask your questions here and get the guidance you need to begin your journey of Happily Financial Ever After.


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