6 Top Wedding Trends That Are Big For Summer 2019

By Candice Davie

Planning your special day can go from exciting to extremely overwhelming, and back to exciting again all in the same minute. Staying in the know on the latest wedding trends can help to give you some inspiration while also providing some clarity on what you really want. While some trends can range from wild and crazy to breathtakingly gorgeous, finding the one that fits your personal style is key. Here are six ways you can spark your creativity and make these 2019 summer wedding trends your own.  

1. Wedding Day? No, Wedding Weekend!

A three-day (or more) wedding celebration has become the remedy for the weddings that feel like a blur. Consider spreading out the festivities over multiple days, so you have more time to connect with family and friends as you enter this new and exciting chapter! This also cuts down on stress for frazzled couples. A multi-day plan allows for the reconnection and support that is very necessary when taking such an important step.

2. Extraordinary Entertainment

Gone are the days where the only acceptable reception entertainment is a jazz band or DJ. Feel free to mix it up! Marrying your college sweetheart? Make a grand entrance by having a marching band play while you make your entrance. Hula and fire dancers add the perfect flair to a destination wedding or island-themed reception. Or have your guests clapping and singing along with a gospel choir performance. 

3. Eco-Friendly Vibe

Concerns about the environment have seeped over into the wedding scene as well. Couples are opting for healthier menu options such as vegan, organic, and gluten-free as well as searching for local producers to support. They are also investing in wedding favors that will not end up as dust collecting trash. Now you can wow your guests and help save the planet at the same time. Potted plants, wine, honey, luggage tags, and even soap are some of the current favorites on the wedding favor list. 

4. Brighter & Bolder Color Schemes

The wedding colors you choose will instantly tie together the overall vibe you want to express. Bright, bold colors are expected to be seen in many more 2019 and 2020 weddings. Shades of yellow, orange, green, and red are a few of the hues that will be replacing the neutral, softer tones of previous years. The classic black that hasn’t been seen in recent years will also be making a comeback. From stately, black bridesmaids dresses to pops of black in decor, this will be a  popular choice amongst brides who want a stylish, edgy look. 

5. Statement Cakes & Dessert Buffets

This year, the wedding cake will look nothing like the traditional white cake with pastel-colored flowers (although, if that’s your style you should totally go for it with a little twist). Bolder statement cakes will definitely be taking over. Dark, moody hues like navy and even black will be top color choices. Also, texture will be everything as smooth fondants will be replaced by colorful, tapestry-inspired cakes.  

If wedding cake is not really your thing, no need to force it! Displays of various desserts at wedding receptions have been seen for the past few years. This season there will be a twist to it with tiers of desserts like macarons, donuts or even cheese wheels becoming the new thing.     

6. Grand Ceremony Arrangements

Ceremony arrangements will be looking a little different this year. The straight aisle down the middle with guests seated on the left and right used to be the only way that ceremonies were set up. Couples are stepping outside the box by having circular, square, or even semi-circle ceremony seating to give guests more of an intimate feel with an added unique touch.  

Which summer 2019 trend are you implementing on your wedding day. Let us know in the comments below!


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