How to Survive the Holidays as a New Mrs.

The wedding day is over, you have gone through all the gifts, sent out your thank you cards (hopefully) and the Holidays are in full swing. Now the only thing you and your hubby have to decide is where to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas. If this was a discussion in your home like it was in mine, your husband wants to split time between families during the holiday season going forward. Oh and if your wedding was in your home town then, that counts as a holiday and now it's his turn… I know what you are thinking… LOL… HELP ME! That's exactly what I was thinking as we prepared to head to North Carolina to spend the Christmas holiday with his family. This was also the first time in my entire life that I would be away from my parents so I was a little apprehensive and didn't know what to expect. And his family is amazing but I must admit as we drove through the back woods of North Carolina I stared out the window continuously telling myself that they were my family too. Over the next few days we watched a ton of movies, ate a lot of bad food and laughed until our stomachs hurt, which eased my anxiety. All the while, I was so grateful that his family accepted me like one of their own and wanted to make sure that I had a great first Christmas with them.

So if you were like me and had an emotional breakdown on Christmas Eve while sitting in Olive Garden, Facetiming your parents, you are not alone. And if you hope and pray this is not you next year, I am here to help with some tips on how to survive the holidays as a new Mrs. It may be hard the first time but when you are surrounded by love and laughs you are sure to have a great time. And look on the bright side, you now have a new set of people to call family and thats a true blessing!

1. Breathe!! It will be okay, your new family won't bite.

2. Remember that "this" (spending time with family) is not only about you but it's about your husband as well and if you are in a bad mood he won't have any fun with his family.

3. Tell yourself at least twice a day that, your in-laws are your family too and even though they may not be your parents, that they love you too!

4. Call your family often to check in and tell them all the fun you are having with your in-laws.

5. Most Important!! Cherish the Moments, they only come around once a year!

I know that there are a ton of books about marriage and how to handle your man and how to be a great wife but I personally think they should have written a book on how to spend your first Holidays away from your family. It can be an emotional time, but if you remember that they love you too and your husband is counting on you bugging a big girl you will be fine. I hope your Holidays were great and if not you always have next year to try out my tips!!

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