Let Him Eat Cake –

Are you having a hard time getting your fiancé to contribute ideas or pay attention to the planning process? There is no need to get upset and start an argument, this is normal. Most men will say, “Sweetheart it’s your day, I’ll be happy as long as you’re happy. Pick whatever you want.” There is a great deal of truth in that statement, however, when it’s time to write a check he will be the most attentive person you’ve ever met. Line by line he will analyze all quotes, “What is a charger? Do we really need it? What is a chiavari chair? Are people really going to remember what they sat on? Do we really need all of these flowers?” He won’t understand all of the little details that make a wedding memorable, so don’t stress yourself trying to explain napkin holders. At the end of the day, your day is going to beautiful, filled with many of the items you want (you will have to compromise on something). If you want to surprise him with something at the wedding, consider getting him a sports-themed groom cake!

 (Jennifer Castro Pastry & Custom Cake)

It is no secret, I LOVE SPORTS! When it comes to football season, you can find me on the couch with the guys. During March Madness I’m filling out a bracket and entering as many pools as I can. I have made it my personal mission to introduce as many women as I can to sports, at least help them understand so they’re not spending every Sunday during football season upset and closed out (football is not going anywhere, don’t make him choose). This is what happens to a girl who grew up sandwiched between two brothers and never leaving her father’s shadow. During football season, I tend to think more like a guy, and that is how I know you will gain a tremendous amount of brownie points if you tap into his sports fanaticism and get him a groom’s cake themed after his favorite team. All night you’ll hear him saying, “Hey man, did you see my cake? My wife is the best!”

 (Stacey's Sweet Shop)


It doesn’t matter if he’s still rooting for his college team or addicted to all things surrounding a professional team, snag a logo and work with a baker to come up with the perfect cake for your hubby! The only issue you may have with the cake is his unwillingness to eat it and asking can he preserve it in the freezer.

 (Larry Brown Sports)

How would you feel about a sports themed favor at a wedding?

Have you ever seen jerseys on the top of a wedding cake?

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