My Fiance Does Not Make Any Money! Is This a Red Flag? –

Does it bother you your fiance does not make any money? Money is a necessary part of life. It is used to pay bills, buy cars, purchase a house, getting married and much more. Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand because you want to be married.

Financial decisions have long lasting effects on everyone involved. Time for some "food for thought”. Hold on to your seat because that does not mean I am going to say break off the engagement. Continue reading below.

Questions to ask yourself! Make sure you can answer these questions based on your own observations of him, by talking with him and what you know is true:

1) Is your fiance a hardworker, but poor at managing money?

2) Does he feel that he should not have to work, but think things should just be given to him?

3) Does he have bills?

4) When you and your fiance go out, who pays for dinner, movies or whatever the activity is?

5) If your fiance does not work, what was his last job and why did he quit?

6) Does he want to start his own business?

7) After the wedding, where do you and your fiance plan to live?

8) Does your fiance have dreams and goals for himself?

9) What does your fiance’s credit report look like?

In everything you do, you need to have a Plan B. When you take a trip and you plan on driving you have a map and you map out your course. If you are like me, you map it out in complete detail even to where your gas stops will occur. When you are planning a wedding and preparing for married life, it shouldn't be any different. Take the time and get these questions answered. Do not ignore the fact that his not making any money is bothering you.


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