One on One With Celebrity Manicurist Terrance Terry –

Celebrity manicurist Terrance Terry has been in the beauty industry for decades. He currently works at Eminence Nail & Spa Salon in Buckhead, Ga with clients that range from Raven Simone, Kelly Rowland and Fantasia to name a few. He also spends a lot of time working on movie sets, fashion shoots and music videos, tending to his clients every need. We had the pleasure of catching up with Terrance for a little nail time conversation about natural nail care, nail art for brides and more!

What trends do you see in bridal nail colors? For the current Summer Season ,we are seeing alot of fun colors that are unconventional, like soft grays, soft blues, and even a different take on nudes.

What’s your opinion on nail art for weddings? Nail Art has come along a way, it has become mainstream now, I love to see subtle nail art for brides. Some of the popular looks that we have seen on Bridal Nails include the Monogram Manicure which can have the Bride & Grooms Decorative Initials applied directly to the nails. Also, I have even applied the Caviar Manicure in white Beads to 1 of my Blissful Clients!

What advice can you give for great foot care? Foot care is just as vital, when not visiting your local nail salon, it’s imperative to keep your feet moisturized and in tip-top shape. Try using simple Virgin Olive Oil fresh out of the shower while the skin is still moist. This will keep those heals nice & soft for the honeymoon !

Any tips on keeping natural nails healthy? The trick to keeping natural nails in there best shape is to moisturize and keep them manicured weekly, a simple manicure can cost a meager $15-$20 dollars weekly but can also be done at home for the DIY woman who wants to skip the visit to the salon. Also Vitamin E is a very good source of protein and works wonders for your hair & skin as well.

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