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“Will you marry me?” There are very few things that can make a day filled with those four words more perfect… unless you add a live musical serenade in a limousine, an impromptu photo shoot, and a surprise party with your closest friends and family! This groom to be really out did himself with this over the top “Big Apple” engagement surprise. Check out this real proposal and engagement shoot featuring the lovely couple Tatiana and Karl, who have been together for five years and met on Facebook while they were both students at Howard University.

Bride: Tatiana G. King, 28, Operations Manager at Hedge Fund

Groom: Karl Jones, 30, Business Development Associate

Engagement shoot location: New York, NY

Wedding Date: 3/1/13

The Proposal: “Karl suggested that we celebrate our anniversary on the first Sunday in May (May 1, 2011). We decided to get super dolled/GQ’d up and have a fancy day in the city. From what I was told, he had scheduled a carriage ride for us in Central Park. Upon arriving at Columbus Circle, we were greeted by a beautiful white horse and carriage. We rode for about 30 minutes and stopped in front of the Museum of Natural History. While lounging at a café table I noticed he was sitting in his chair, somewhat far away from me. When I questioned him on this he replied, ‘well I need some space for what I’m going to do.’ Immediately my thoughts went into overdrive. Before I could stop it, the tears began flowing. Karl began pronouncing his love for me and his happiness with our relationship. He declared that it was “time to move on to the next step” He pulled out a small ring box and I almost fainted right out of my chair. I looked down and there was—a pair of keys. Karl quickly responded before I could say a word, ‘I want you to have the keys to my place and stay with me.’ I was a complete mess. Although neutral in my outward expression a storm was raging in my head.”

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The proposal continued: “I was then under the pretense that we would be going to a dinner in Harlem to celebrate a friend . Karl went up to a limo and shouted that we should hop in. I warned him that he was too close and would probably irritate the person inside. What happened next was truly surprising. The driver calmly walked to the passenger door and opened it. I stood there dumbfounded, as a huge grin crossed Karl’s face. Shocked, I entered into the car. At the far end of the limo was a photographer and a three-piece band performing various R&B melodies like, “If I Ever Fall in Love” by Shai and “Like a Star” by Corrine Bailey Rae. Suddenly the band started playing very softly and Karl began speaking, telling me he loved me and how he wanted to surprise me. He then affirms our love by saying ‘I want you to be my wife, Tatiana will you marry me?’ He pulls out ANOTHER ring box and opens it to reveal—an engagement ring! Like before I cover my face and sobbed in sheer joy before responding with a shaky “Yes!”

A day of surprises: “I asked if we were still going to dinner or if that was a ruse too. He said we were and we shuttled off to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. We checked in to the restaurant and were swiftly brought upstairs where Karl had my entire immediate family, as well as his own. They all shouted their congratulations and greeted us warmly. Were it not for my mother and sister rushing to my side, I may have collapsed right where I stood. “

Engagement shoot theme:
“We actually took our engagement photos on the same day Karl proposed. Since it all happened in the city, we used the bustling metropolis as our own personal backdrop! We staged impromptu photo shoots at some of the major city landmarks, such as Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and the United Nations.”

Wedding plans: “Our wedding is a destination wedding, in the Caribbean.
While we’re no strangers to travel we are excited to say our “I Do’s” in a gorgeous location, and host an intimate gathering for our family.”

Wedding location: Caribbean (Island TBD)
Wedding theme/inspiration: “Exclusive island retreat that will serve as both our wedding and honeymoon location.”


Vendors: Photographer: Bryan Jones Photography
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