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Love in the City: An Engagement Session in New York City

Alvin and LaShanda’s story began on February 21, 2019, when they were introduced by Alvin’s cousin. After a week of phone conversations, their first date was at Katie’s restaurant. Little did they know, LaShanda’s sister and best friend, Renee, was covertly observing their date. Renee couldn’t help but notice the undeniable chemistry between the two. Alvin wasted no time in setting up a second date before they departed.

Their next rendezvous took them to Houston’s for a romantic dinner, where a passerby mistook them for a married couple, eliciting laughter from both Alvin and LaShanda. Despite the whirlwind pace of their relationship, within six months, they had achieved significant milestones, feeling as though their connection was simply meant to be. Ten months later, Alvin took the leap and proposed to LaShanda, evoking tears of joy as she happily accepted his heartfelt proposal. Get inspired by their elegant engagement session, captured by DSW Photography.

Bride: LaShanda Coleman-Carter, 38, Senior Financial & Reporting Analyst

Groom: Alvin Carter, Independent Contractor Grade A Transportation Truck Driver

Place of Residence: Metairie, LA

Engagement Shoot Location: New York

Wedding Date: October 14, 2023


Engagement story 

Dating Lashanda was an indescribable joy. As time passed, I became certain that she was the one I had been searching for, and I knew I had to propose. After 10 months, on Christmas Day, I invited her family over to my grandmother’s house. Completely unsuspecting, the timing felt perfect. Amidst exchanging gifts, as she reached for hers, she turned to find me on one knee. Her shock rendered her speechless momentarily. It took her a moment to compose herself before saying yes. My love for her has been unwavering from the beginning, and it always will be.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?  

Getting married at a beautiful venue and enjoying an amazing day, gorgeous wedding with amazing decor (flowers, brand logo items), good food, awesome drinks, family as friends, dancing , wardrobe selections changes, and just a great time.

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Congratulations to the happy couple!

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