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Josie and Brent met in 2014 on social media. The happy couple dated for a year before Brent planned a surprise proposal just a few days after their one year anniversary. "God is the center of our relationship. We prayed for each other before we knew each other. We crossed paths and landed on the same foundation. Our love is special because God brought us together," said Josie and Brent. The recently engaged couple are planning a summer wedding in McKinney, TX. Check out their special proposal at the La Jolla Beach in San Diego, CA, captured by Jenna Joseph Photography.

Bride: Dr. Josie Tetteh, 27, Physical Therapist

Groom: Brent Duncan, 27, Pharmacy Intern/Student

Place of residence: Dallas, TX

Engagement Shoot Location: La Jolla Beach in San Diego, CA

Wedding date: 8/1/16

The Proposal Story {From the Bride- to- Be}:

Yesterday was the single most magical day of my life. After our first anniversary on the 15th I received 7 days of gifts, letters, and clues. Friday I opened the last letter that informed me that I was being flown to San Diego the next morning. To my shock and surprise Brent let me know he was currently already there! Early Saturday morning I awoke to a chauffeur outside my house to take me to the airport. Upon arriving to San Diego I discovered another chauffeur that dropped me off at an unspecified location on La Jolla beach. The day before Brent had sent me a list of directions and pictures to follow when I got to the area. After arriving to the destination I see two photographers talking pictures of the landscape and a white envelope with my name on it on a cliff over the beach. After reading the letter Brent comes out of hiding and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him! The photographer turns to us and started taking pictures. To top it off he had planned a full engagement photo shoot that day! After the photo shoot we have an amazing lunch at a restaurant looking over the beach and then we headed back to the airport. After getting back to Dallas I start to calm down and doze off (having only 3 hours of sleep the night before). Brent starts heading downtown instead of home claiming, “he wants me to meet someone.” We arrive at the W hotel, we walk in, and I see two giant portraits of photos we took that morning, our families, and friends! I almost pass out from shock! I am still beyond overwhelmed and somewhat speechless with what happened yesterday. Brent told me that all of this manifested from prayer and surrender to God. I truly believe it. Throughout the day we had constant reminders of Gods blessings and confirmations of this union. There were so many crazy and unexpected instances that I couldn’t even begin to explain them.

From the Groom: Walk us through the behind the scenes of creating this special proposal:

It was a process that took about a month to plan for. It started with me praying for a proposal idea that would make Josie feel loved. Once I narrowed down which engagement ring I was going to go with, I just had to think of a creative way to go about proposing. I’ve always talked about how much we needed to visit San Diego so I knew where I wanted to propose. Around this time, Josie sent me the results of her love language quiz (a quiz that shows how you best receive love) and her top love language was gifts. This is where the 7 days of gifts, letters, and clues came into play. We also ask each other questions and write down the answers in our journals so we don’t forget. In the past we’ve asked each other questions about getting engaged so I went back to the journal and tried to find ideas. Ultimately, to prepare I spent a lot of time thinking about her and the things that she likes. In my feeble intellect and wisdom, I could not have planned a day to show Josie how much she is loved. I submitted all of it to Him and then the plans started to come to me. Truth is…Jesus loves Josie much more than I do. My love for her doesn’t even come close. I really owe the whole day to Him. The fact that it went so well and both of our families were blessed in the end made the moment so worth the challenge of submitting it to God. Yes, it was a tremendous challenge to have faith that everything would go well.

When I got to San Diego on Friday and met with our photographer, Jenna, I had no idea what would happen. I just hoped that Josie would appreciate it. What happened the following day was way more than I could have possibly asked from God. The Lord has blessed me with a woman who is so humble, respectful, and servant-hearted that she continually amazes me. As crazy as this is to believe, her internal qualities far surpass her beauty! I know…that seems impossible but it’s so true. She honors me like I’m worthy of honor but I know all that I am, I’m so unworthy! I’ve been hearing from people that I’ve ruined it for all the men because of this proposal and while they were only joking, I want to say something. To all the men, single or in relationships, if you commit your plans to the Lord, and if you love him with all of your heart, and if you come to Him not for what He can give you but sincerely and with pure intentions, He will give you the love necessary to love your lady like she should be loved. If you are motivated by love, your lady (or future lady) will appreciate you no matter what you do.

What was the theme of your shoot?

We didn’t really have a theme, however, the photo shoot captured our personalities really well. And we were in a place that showed the beauty of God’s glory.

Were there any memorable moments during the shoot?

There were a lot of random coincidences that we experienced the day of our engagement. It was as if our surroundings and the people we encountered kept giving us confirmations that this was meant to be.

Most Memorable Moment:

When Brent popped out of hiding and got down on his knee. I was so surprised!

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

The honeymoon. Lol.


Congratulations to Josie and Brent! We wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage.


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