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Sometimes the love that your are looking for is closer than you could ever imagine. Sekou and Stacy were platonic friends for about 6 years before they even had their first date.  In 2006 Stacy found herself in the midst of paradise wishing she had someone special to share it with. It was then that she began her conversation with God, asking him to send her someone special. But not just anyone would due, Stacy had a list three pages long full of her requirements for the perfect mate. It turns out that Sekou was also praying for the perfect mate and almost nine years into their amazing friendship, God revealed that they were indeed the perfect match for each other all along.  Stacy says "It was so humbling and moving to read that list and realize that God had answered my prayer…Sekou was EVERYTHING on that list." Check out their soulful and poetic wedding day captured by our favorite west coast wedding photographers Sun and Sparrow!

Bride: Stacy Gibson, Celebrity makeup artist and nutritionist

Groom: Sekou Andrews, Poet, motivational speaker, music producer and media director

Wedding location: Westlake Village Inn, Westlake Village, CA

Wedding date: 8/5/12

Some people have private jets or timeshares in Europe and can propose in the South of France. Some people have friends who manage a stadium and can have a private, candlelit dinner center field. Me… I got poetry. We use what we got. So I proposed to Stacy on stage at a club, in front of 300 people where I performed a 35 minute love set at one of my home poetry venues – the Flypoet showcase. Once I was ready to propose to Stacy, God truly stepped in as the silent partner on this venture, making sure that the universe lined things up perfectly for me.  I had been toying with the idea of proposing to Stacy on stage but wasn’t sure.  God chess move #1: John Hensley, the host, called me during the holidays and asked if I wanted to feature at the Feb Flypoet.  Coincidentally, I had been quietly working on finishing my first full-length love poem about Stacy, so timing was perfect.  But I knew I couldn’t gather her friends and family for February’s showcase without raising suspicions that I would propose.  God chess move #2:  Turns out the March show date would fall exactly on Stacy’s birthday! So I asked John to give me the March date instead.  That provided the perfect cover, and I began inviting folks to a birthday party for Stacy at Flypoet where I would be unveiling my first poem for her as her gift.  It worked like a charm. God chess move #3: A week before the show, I was to present a speech at a Deepak Chopra conference at a luxury resort for the weekend. My mom, who lives in Atlanta, is a big Deepak fan. So I offered to put her up at the resort and treat her to the conference. I also told her about the “birthday party” and asked if she was down to stick around until that Wed to attend the show. She did, so I was able to get both our mothers present for it! During the show, the first piece I performed was a classic of mine called “If Not That.” I followed that up with the unveiling of “Straight R&B” – that first poem for Stacy.Finally I whipped out my paper and performed “The Chosen One.”  I wont give it all away because here’s a link to a private Youtube video of it:  (  Hearing the word “Yes,” was well worth the work!

From the Groom:

Since we started dating, here’s what I’ve learned about my best friend so far…She is hauntingly beautiful and makes me smile when I think of her. She has an incredible aesthetic eye! She is intelligent, ambitious, and is the hustler’s team-mate I’ve always wanted in a wife. "She is my healthy comfort food.”  Since I have been with her she makes me look good and feel better. So I’m gonna say… she’s a keeper.  People ask me all the time, “What is the first thing that attracted you to her? Was it her smile? Or her eyes? Or her body? Or her personality?” My answer is always, “Yes!”  I mean, look at her.  It’s going to take me a lifetime to figure out what I’m most attracted to about her. Good thing we just happen to have a lifetime… to spend together.



From the Bride:

I thank God for him every morning, throughout the day and before I shut my eyes…even when he gets on my nerves. He’s the most thoughtful and romantic man I’ve ever met and he’s mine. He is not only a talented poet but motivational speaker, music producer and media director…as you can see very ambitious. He loves his mother so very much. He’s fine ain’t he?…I can’t even stay mad at him too long. He’s an alpha male with a pimp stroll…gotta love that he’s gonna be my husband and I’m the most blessed woman on the planet that he chose me. I could go on, but to know him is to love him…I love him more than I thought I was capable of.  I find something new to love about him daily.  I will be so proud to officially become Mrs. Sekou Andrews!



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