Should the Groom Pay for the Wedding if the Bride is not Working? –

Let the fun begin. Of course I hear you saying, Dr. Taffy tradition says the parents of the bride are to pay for the wedding. Well, it is 2013 and that is not the case for a lot of people. Parents are not in the financial position to pay for the wedding, some people are marrying for the second or third time and there are some brides and grooms that prefer to pay for their own wedding. Keep it real, we are talking about GROWN FOLKS!!

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Question: Should the Groom pay for the wedding if the Bride is not working?

Answer: What an engaged couple must ask themselves is this, what are we seeking to accomplish? Yes we should have a wedding and if we are paying for it, what do we need? Notice I said need, not what you want. If only one person is going to be paying for it, you may want to really look at what is affordable on that person's budget.

Caution: When one person is carrying the financial household whether they are married or not, money tends to create stress. If the groom has decided that he wants to ensure his bride-to-be has the wedding of her dreams, he must be realistic and willing to know what it will take financially to accomplish this.

There are different types of brides:

(1) The bride who wants it her way and the wedding day is all about her. Will everyone have to contribute in order to pull off her elaborate dream wedding? Maybe! There could easily be more bills after the wedding is over.

(2) The bride that wants to be married, yet is money conscious. So she will be heavily focused on the budget and making sure it happens more than likely without debt.

(3) Then you have the bride who may have been married before that wants to keep it small and simple.

Brides and grooms that are preparing for their wedding and their marriage and only have one income, need to be very honest about what they can afford. The wedding is one day and the marriage is to last for a lifetime. How do you want to start your marriage? Do you want to start with the stress of bills that you will have to pay for years to come or do you say, let have an intimate wedding, take the money we would have spent and put it towards a downpayment on a house, paying off bills, etc. The decision is up to you.


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