The Curvy Bride’s Guide to the Perfect Undergarments

Photo Credit: Lane Bryant – Illusion Open Bust Bodysuit

There is no doubt that every bride’s goal is to look her absolute best on her wedding day. For the curvy bride, she may think that her gown choices are limited due to her shape and size, and forgoes the dream gown she thought she could never wear. But, with a combination of the right body shaper and the perfect dress, a curvy bride can open her dress options up a lot more. So, please see below for the curvy bride's guide to the perfect undergarments!

Because every bride wants to look her best for the big day we asked Washington, DC native, owner of Curvaceous Lush and stylist for the curvy girls, Jasmine Reeder to discuss how to pick your perfect body shaper.

  1. Do your research: The reviews customers leave about various shapewear can go a long way when it comes to choosing the one that works for you. Many times women will tell you where they wore the shaper and what they wore it with. Jasmine also suggests that you pick a shaper that has a nice blend of material. For example, if you have a body shaper that is all spandex, then you run the risk of it being hot. And you want something that is going to keep you cool and comfortable.
  1. Know your measurements: Jasmine notes that when purchasing any undergarment it is best to know shop knowing the measurements of your bust, waist and hips. When shopping for your shapewear use the measurements you have and match them with the designer’s size chart.

 “Always purchase your shapewear based on the designer’s size chart. If you buy a size too small then it is possible that the one thing you were trying to minimize is going to show up somewhere else. Or, if you buy a size too big you are not minimizing anything.”

The same concepts applies when purchasing bras. If you are not sure of your bra size have someone at the store measure you. If you are a top-heavy bride looking to minimize your bust area Jasmine suggest the Bra-llelujah full coverage bra by Spanx. The Bra-llelujah has a double band built into the bra which make it very comfortable and can be worn as a strapless, racerback and halter. Another great designer is Curvy Kate. She has a full line of gorgeous bras and lingerie for plus size women.

  1. Photo Credit: Spanx by Sara Blakely – Shape My Day Open-Bust Slip

    The full proof full shaping slip: Minimizing or camouflaging your mid-section is probably the biggest challenge. While there are many shapers out there that do a great job with this problem area Jasmine suggest going for the slop body shaper when wearing dresses and skirts. The slip will not only help minimize your mid-section but will also give you coverage all the way down.

  1. When the pickings are slim in the lingerie department: While picking shapewear can be one headache Jasmine also gets complaints that there is no cute lingerie for curvy girls.

“There is plenty of lingerie out there for curvy girls but there is always room for more and room for improvement,” says Jasmine. “My favorite piece of lingerie for a bride is a babydoll. They are very cute. Babydolls are a classic. Corsets are nice too but I feel like you have to be adventurous when wearing a corset. For one, it’s a lot of commitment to putting it on. But if you can find one you really like and you are feeling extra sexy then go for it.”

For those ladies who are looking for something sexy and gorgeous for the wedding night Jasmine suggest Ashley Graham and Addition Elle. Both are high-end lingerie lines for plus size women and were actually feature at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Ladies can also take a look at Lane Bryant and Torrid for inexpensive, staple pieces.

Photo Credit: Addition Elle – Ashley Graham Collection 2015 Holiday Collection

Photo Credit: Addition Elle – Ashley Graham Collection 2015 Holiday Collection









When picking the right body shaper for your big day consider purchasing your shaper prior to trying on a gown. This way you can take the shaper with you when you are trying dresses on to see what works. Depending on the cut of the dress you can also decide if a body shaper is necessary.

Hope this expert advice makes choosing your shapewear and lingerie an easy and effortless process.

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