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Have you ever wondered what happens to the sign-in book after the wedding? The couple, most likely the bride, spends a pretty penny on a beautifully decorated notebook for guests to leave their name and address behind. If the guest received an invitation, wouldn't the address already be on file? Once the thank you cards are put in the mail, the sign-in book finds it's way into a keepsake box, never to be touched again. As expensive as some of these books can be, it would be nice to put the book on display…or skip the tradition all together.

Brides have become extremely creative over the years and found fun ways to capture the names of the people who served as witnesses on their wedding day. The alternatives to the sign-in book can get pricey, but when the couple returns from their honeymoon they have an immediate reminder of the loved ones who shared words of wisdom or something artistic to put on display in their home.

The fingerprint sign-in boards are beautiful and can be done in a variety of ways. Your guests fingerprints can be balloons, birds on a limbs, or leaves on a tree. There are so many ways a couple can get get creative with this board…as well as putting it on display in their home.

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Stones and corks give guests an opportunity to leave their name along with a special note to the couple. If ever a couple wants to sit down and remind themselves how much they are loved…or relive the day…there will always be a special collection of stones and wine corks offering advice or letting them know how perfect they are together.

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Jenga! This is truly one of the most creative ideas out there…not to mention cost effective!

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Canvas sign-in boards allow a couple the opportunity to select one of their favorite pictures together and have it on display at their wedding. Guests can simply sign their name or leave behind notes for the couple to read. A canvas board is easy to display in the home. One of the best things about a canvas board? You can ALWAYS find an online deal…my husband and I bought a Groupon!

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What alternatives have you considered?

What creative alternatives have you seen at weddings?









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