The Perfect Veil –

For those that choose to wear a veil, it can be just as stressful as finding the right dress.

"Long or short?"

"Lace or rhinestones?"

"Face covered or not?"


(African American Hairstyles)

The veil conversation was quite lengthy and often aggravating when it was my turn to walk down the aisle. My mother had visions of a long traditional veil, but I in no way saw that for myself. In the beginning I tried to let her down easy, "I don't think that's what I want." By the time I was actually purchasing the veil, I was tired of the conversation and told her, "I have never wanted a long veil, I've always wanted a birdcage so that's what I'm wearing." She fought the idea for a minute, but after I shared a few pictures with her next to my dress, she eventually saw the look I was going for and came to my side.

Store after store and website to website, I wasn't finding the veil I wanted. Of course I had made up something specific in my head. I had seen fabulous veils on the market, but nothing that I felt represented what I really wanted…which was really either something with color or something just out right different. It wasn't until I went to a friends wedding in Mexico and was walking through the market that I found a hair clip that matched my wedding colors. In that moment, I knew I needed that clip to be in my veil, which meant I needed to make my own veil…great another project, just what I needed.

Lucky for me, the Internet is a great resource and I found a page to help me construct the veil I wanted. Michael's is actually a great resource for a lot of wedding details, especially if you're good with a glue gun and utilize the right side of your brain. I would recommend giving yourself time to get it right…buy extra material.

On my wedding day, I did wear a veil I put together myself. However, I did not use the $8 hair clip I purchased in Mexico and instead a $5 bedazzled feather I randomly saw in the window at Claire's during a trip to the mall…go figure after all of that. The point is, if you can make your own veil, so that you get exactly what you want, why not try it? Most likely you will save money! The veil I put together resembled one that I saw online for $100…my materials all together were $20. Winning!

What kind of veil are you?

Thinking about trying to make your own?




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