Tips On Ways To Help The Groom Stand Out On His Big Day –

Pic courtesy of Wedding Row Kentucky


There is nothing like having the attention taken off of you on your big day than having everyone else outshine you. For the groom, it's really hard to tell who's who when you and your best-men are all standing there in the same colored tuxedos or suits. Here are a few tips to help you stand out on your big day and set yourself apart from the rest!

Wear an alternative suit or tuxedo. You can achieve this look by wearing a different colored jacket or tuxedo all together. You can opt out for a double-breasted suit jacket and the groomsmen can wear a sport coat with three-button version.

It's all in the boutonniere. Make your corsage or boutonniere pop by adding more color to your jacket lapel. Your flower can be one solid color and the groomsmen can be an array of colors. You can do all sorts of fancy arrangements with the many options in the floral department.

Statement tie. Make sure your bow tie or tie is a different color or shade than everyone else. You can add polka dots on your big day, stripes, plaid, the sky is the limit! The groom's accessories should always stand out.

Funky socks. Noone wears boring socks with their suits anymore on their wedding day! Add some pizazz by getting your boys socks that show your style. Mix and match patterns with stripes, dots, stripes while your groomsmen wear solid shades.Fun socks look great in photos too! These make great wedding party gifts as well.

Vest Optional. When it's an outdoor wedding and the temperature rises, how about opting out for a vest instead of a blazer or jacket. Groomsmen can wear black or navy while you wear gray or different shade all together, you can even wear a different texture. Make your wedding day a style of your own.




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