Valentine’s Day Printable ‘Love Cure’ Labels by Benign Objects! –

Who says that you have to spend a fortune to wow your sweetheart on Valentine's Day! Check out these awesome DIY printable “prescription for love” jar labels from our friend Rachel over at Benign Objects! Did we mention that these labels are absolutely free!

This Valentine's Day DIY project is quick, easy and super cute!  If you want to give your honey a daily dose of love, just download, print  and trim the labels to fit your jar of choice. You can glue or tape the label to an empty vitamin or pill bottle. Fill your "Love Prescription Bottle" with sweet love notes, romantic quotes or happy memories on bits of paper and tuck them into the bottle. You can even make it a date night bottle and fill it with fun date night ideas that you both will enjoy. This is a simple treat that your honey will enjoy on Valentine's Day and beyond!

Get started on your Valentine's Day DIY project by downloading the PDF with all 3 Love Cure labels by clicking here. Tell us what you plan on putting inside of your Love Cure bottles in the comments below!

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