What will you write for 2013??? –

Hello Brides. It is 2013 and some of you just got engaged over the Christmas and New Year's Holiday and others of you have been engaged for a while and on your way to walking down the aisle. Regardless of where you are it is a NEW YEAR which means you get a FRESH start. What most people like to do at the end of a year is make New Year's resolutions and often times they include finances, weight loss, or even education. This is not about a resolution this is about a commitment to yourself and a CHOICE to make sound and informed decisions when it comes to your finances and soon, finances during marriage.

Below is a blank sheet of paper. This is a NEW START for your finances. Think of it as a chapter in a book. What will you write this year when it comes to managing your money and even preparing for your wedding and beyond, MARRIAGE!

What will this sheet of paper say from this day forward! What are the goals you have set for yourself when it comes to money? What have you decided when it comes budgeting for your wedding? Those are just a few items that came to my mind as I was typing this post.

You can have fun with it and even make this paper a VISION BOARD per se if you like. Put it up on your bathroom mirror with those things that are most important to you when it concerns money and the part you will play in it.

Get your sheet of paper out and begin!


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